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This site is NOT in anyway affiliated with Direct Express® Debit MasterCard® program . If you are looking for DirectExpress’ official website, you can find it by clicking here.

This site is simply to help Direct Express card holders find information they are looking for. Our goal is to help ease user frustration by assisting card holders in finding answers to their questions. If you have any questions specific to your Direct Express card, please contact Direct Express Customer Service directly. Please DO NOT email any confidential information to us as we are unable to help.

If you have questions specific to our website, contact us at [email protected].




  • I have a card and can”t remember my user I’D OR PASSWORD and it keeps saying wrong code doesn’t match please help ?

  • i need payday loan what would account number and rounting number

    • Michelle

      If you need your account and routing number for Direct Express card you must go to Social Security office and ask for it. I received mine this way.

  • peggy e ricks

    how do I get o the sign in page I have it all set up and can’t access my account no sign in page available just instructions

  • ayne Corbie

    I have not yet received the Direct Express card that should have been mailed to me .

  • hoe do I add money to my direct express card

  • Please contact me about my card that a direct deposit that is made each month

  • samuel thomley

    need to create account to get printout of my deposit history and cant do anything on the website. please help

  • John Clary

    i didnt recieve march-statemint in the mail.sure do need it.thanx

  • lisa

    Please I need someone to contact me I need to cancel my card

  • cathy heard

    I cannot access by money balance on my Direct Express card–Please advise–at my e-mail

  • John Clary

    after this month i will need a new card

  • mark

    The card is not good wherever master card is excepted as they state. Do yourself a favor and get another debit card. I believe Western Union has one that is a little more expensive but has much better customer service. I spent hundreds of hours on hold in Mexico at 20 cents a minute(about 300 dollars in phone call total) getting them to unlock my account after they asked me questions about past addresses I’ve never lived at. I haven been homeless for 20 years. they refuse to help me pay for the phone calls when it was their mistake that got my account locked in the first place. I lost all my Id. in Mexico and they demanded two forms of Id faxed to them and left me penniless in Mexico. S.S.I wouldnt even fax over an award letter to help me out. asking a homeless person with problems in their head questions about past address is cruel. the addresses they asked me about were homeless shelters I got mail at. they asked If I ever lived on Virginia st and I said no. they took it as a wrong answer cause apparently I got mail there 18 years ago.One call I spent 103 minutes on hold at 29 cents a minute and they wont help to pay. I urge people to find another card company. S.S.I. told me to write my congressman I was abused by a company they hired and they did nothing to protect me or atleast help identify me when this whole fiasco happened. your going to pay more for another card company buy you will be treated better. these people are hires by S.S.A with no formal training to deal with people with disabilities.

  • John Clary

    i cant login it changes my email address to capital letter then they dont match-im gonna need a new card july

  • mark c

    I notice you guys didn’t post my reply or I cant find it. Direct Express is Lame and so are you for not posting my reply S.S.A. should give us other choices for card besides Direct Express.

  • Buffy Benitez

    I need a new card. Someone has been taking funds off my card. PLEASE, PLEASE send me a new one. Every time I call to get a new card. Lines are ALWAYS busy….I hope to hear from you so..

  • Buffy Benitez

    I need a new card. Someone has been taking funds off my card. PLEASE, PLEASE send me a new one. Every time I call to get a new card. Lines are ALWAYS busy….I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Sheila Costabile

    I received a phone call informing me my account is on hold

  • Sheila Costabile

    I received a phone call informing me my account is on hold. Please contact me

  • michelle cotton

    I receive a direct card I am seen when my deposit will be on my card

  • Kristin Lansdown

    I can’t access my account because I don’t remember my password and I never receive the reset email please help

  • guyeparkerjr

    I need you to email me a copy of deposits made to my account from the past few months asap please and thank you

  • I need fax number for direct express to get dispute in in time

  • this site is a joke u provide no assistance at all,when i call u are even more useless, i need 3 months statements for insurance purposes how can i do this please try to provide some type of assistance.

  • I have been on the direct express website trying to get into my account and to update a working email and it will not work i have to have a print out for assistance it sent my i and password to my old email that i can no longer access is there anyone that can direct me in the right direction please? On top o it all i put in my card number ssn and it brings up my son but wont let me do no more i do not understand why and customer service i cant reach so please help someone

  • Barb Bearrows

    I can’t get my Balance with my Direct Express.

  • Garry Harrison

    My Social Security Disability check has not been posted yet. It was suppose to be posted Sept. 2 but nothing is showing on my account.

  • Kenneth l williamson

    I need you unlock my account. I have no service to make phone call to customer service. I am traveling in China now and my communication are difficult. I NEED MY MONEY, so please unfreeze the account. Thank you

  • ann ayers

    I like to log in and seemy acc

  • Unlock direct express card

  • Mario rodriguez

    I need help i’ve been on the phone on hold with you guys for awhile i’m still on hold as i’m typing this and i’m trynna report my card stolen as soon as possible please. Can i get so type of help.

  • Mary Riley

    How do I update my email address o no longer have access to my old e-mail

  • Doug schmer

    If the atm through chase bank wont give me tge 5
    00 bucks i tried to pull out but didnt give me any money or recite i sat on hold to exspres card no one with getting my money back

  • Im locked out of my online account. I tried to rest my password on several times and it still wont let me continue to log on. is there a way to reset my account? or to cancel this one and atart a new online log in?

  • Rylene Irvin

    please help the computer all the around the world is wrong because it has credit card and no credit card in the world and credit card cause people to die . The cash register cause people to die too because the people wear body suit that the people die from the cash register , and the people have on body suit that they have credit and the person die also . I learn this from the computer about credit card and body suit . please turn machine back to debit card or gift card . All meal and wet from out body is free for a person or people of all kind. We did no need a machine , but they are use the machine . All illegal machine for credit card and no legal machine for the bank card and I can no get a place to stay or eat please help. Turn the machine for ATM for bank card on of debit and gift card on and food stamp or snap card or EBT Card on to help the people. please turn card on for direct express with bank with social security office . no
    number is decline and no word . The machine is wrong . The see the word decline or not on the machine and the word approvaral .Turn the legal machine on right word, I need help to get my debit card number said yes on the computer and cash register at store and resturant and greyhound bus.

  • david blount

    I am trying to check my history tran action

  • frank morelli

    how do i get a printed statement of my deposits to my card ?

  • Paul Prescott

    I want to report my replacement card sent on 6 SEP 2018 as missing or lost. If I do how long will the address change take to be in effect. How long before Direct express will take to send me a replacement card to the new address.

    urgent reply requested

  • Bridget Johnson

    Need my reset password email. Did it 1000 times and still no email. Yes, it is the right email address because I have emails from direct express in that inbox.

  • Sharon Beaver

    I can not get into my account on the website. I need to change my ID and password, but I can not because I forgot my old ID. How do I get in to change it? No one answers my phone calls.



  • I would like to know if I have a routing account on my direct express card is their any way of me knowing about it in case I need it. can you please help ,me out if you can. I really appreciate your time and help. thank you.

  • Denise Fitzpatrick

    I have not received the Direct Deposit card yet!! And am told that it was mailed out on August 14, 2019. Either that is not true or it has been lost in the mail, as today is September 11, 2019. This card contains my retirement benefit that normally comes on the 3rd of each month. I need food, rent, etc;. I also need to pay my storage fee. This is exacerbating my depression and reaching a live person by phone appears to be impossible. I do not even understand “WHY” they give the option of speaking with a Customer Service Representative.


    how can I access amazon in English? All sites reply in Spanish.

  • gayle rearwin

    I just need to talk to a person, To straighten out my account.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Son lost card. A new card was issued on January 18, 2020. Today is February 3rd and he still has not received his card. He has no phone, partially blind with mental illnesses. I have all his relevant information can I call for him. He has tried to call but cannot get through. Has to borrow someone’s phone so he can’t sit on it very long. Please email me at my email address and let me know if you can help. My name is Linda Stapleton and son is Thomas Johnson.

  • David Smith

    I have lost my direct express debit card. I have called for three day with no help in retrieving a new card. The recording states that they are having high call volume and then disconnects. Please let me know the quickest way to resolve this issue. I have no way of getting my benefits

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