How to get Direct Express Routing Number

If you have been looking for the Direct Express Routing Number on their website and cannot locate it, it’s because they don’t publicly display it on their site – but we can help you. If you have received a Direct Express debit card and would like to set up direct deposit for your federal payments, including Social Security, follow the steps below:

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Direct Express Routing Number & Direct Deposit

Step 1

Before you can use your new card to begin making purchases or paying bills online, you need to call 1-800-967-5042 between 8:00am and 8:00pm (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday, to speak to a customer service representative. If you are having a hard time speaking to a live person, click here to see this article for tips on how to reach a Direct Express representative quickly. Once you reach a representative, they will be able to assist you to complete your direct express direct deposit enrollment process.

Step 2

Once enrollment is complete, your federal benefits payment should start arriving on your direct deposit account on the scheduled date. If you are receiving social security, here is the payment schedule.

Benefits of Direct Express Card

Pay Bills

You can pay bills with your Direct Express card, as long as the company you are paying accepts Debit MasterCard. You can also use the direct express card to pay bills online. To do that, you have to login to Direct Express and follow the online bill pay instructions. There is no fee to pay bills online through your direct express account.

Get Alerts

With increased fraud on debit cards, you should consider getting alerts from Direct Express. There are two types of alerts you can get. The first one is an email or text message that is set to your phone to let you know when your federal benefit payment has been deposited on your card. The second alert you can get, also via email or as a text message on your to let you know when your balance is low. This allows you to get an early warning if your card or account becomes compromised or is fraudulently used.

We hope this article was helpful. If you have trouble setting up your Direct Express Direct Deposit, let us know in the comments section below.



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  1. I receive a pension check from my former employer,UPS in the amount of $29.33 monthly.I don’t have a checking account and it has become difficult for me to cash. Can I have in directly deposited onto my Direct Express Card?

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