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  1. I have the Direct Express Debit MasterCard. It is already linked to my PayPal account, but I want to be able to link my Direct Express bank account to Paypal as well but I can’t do it unless I have the acct. # and routing information for the bank-I think it’s CoAmerica? Could you tell me where to find that information, or possibly give me that information in an email? My email address is listed above. Thank you!

  2. Direct Express sent me a reset temporary password but it takes me to a page that says to put my “alias” in to a picture of a dog.

    This is confusing and I cannot log on with temporary password

    Any suggestions?

  3. I need to talk to a live person to get my login in account straighten out! or told where to go or call. This crazy spending two hours answering questions to be told Im wrong!

  4. whats going on!?!?!?! why cant I log into my account! ?!?! keeps sending me to a page that says it doesn’t exist anymore. …. CHANGE IT BACK TO THE OLD VERSION!!!! STOP TRYING TO NAKE TE WEBSITE BETTER CAUSE YOUR MESSING IT UP!!! JUST LEAVE IT ALONE PLEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!!!!

  5. i have been trying to change my address and reset my password for 2 days…no joy finally got ahold of customer service by putting in the wrong password several times…he told me that the govt picks the one day when MOST people get their Social Security payments to updare the website…DOH!!!…and to try again in the morning…

  6. WTH is wrong with the site this time??????!!!!!! Keep saying the page doesn’t exist!!!!!! It’s constantly having problems!!!!! I’ve tried typing in the whole website address and STILL says doesn’t exit!!!! When are y’all gonna get it together????!!!! Apparently your employees don’t know what they’re doing, because they keep messing up the website.

  7. i need my statement from direct express I am on the list to get statement every month but have not gotton for 5 months please help me cant even get into computer and get it something is wrong Cecelia rihel

  8. I have been trying to login for at least an hour. You really should fix this problem. I can call the phone# and get my balance but I need to see my expenditures. It keeps telling me that I don’t exist in your system but I have used it before w/o any problems. What’s wrong with the system?

  9. If your having trouble getting into the direct express website try using internet explorer. It does not work using GOOGLE.

  10. I D theft done to me with direct express in 2013 and they still will not help at all lost My home and everything still will not help me they are taking money from people and hurting people

  11. G-daY It seams to me that their is something wrong with your system I have set up all my info on your create an an account page or what ever you want to call it and all I keep getting is wrong info and every time I put in my email address it keeps turning it in to caps? why is this their are no caps in my email address I even tried calling over ten times and none of your prompts lead me to some one or some way to activate my new card so how am I suppose to access my funds and how can my social # be wrong WHERE is the prompt to activate my new card ? Why send me a new card if I cannot retrieve my funds I don’t understand.

  12. Have never had problems logging in to my account online and one day it said my password wasn’t right when it most definitely was right, so I tried changing my password and the email said I have to have my old password to change my password, kept saying my password wasn’t right now I’m unable to use my online account. How can I get back

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