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Last Updated 8/12/19
In this post, we will help you reach Direct Express Customer Service and talk about what they can help you with. Before we do that, we will give you a brief summary of the Direct Express Card and how your account is managed.

The Direct Express Debit Mastercard is a prepaid reloadable card that is issued by Comerica Bank on behalf of the US Treasury Department. It is used as an electronic payment option for Federal Benefits.

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Electronic Federal Benefits is the Law

A law was passed by Congress that requires all federal benefits to be paid electronically. As a recipient of federal benefits (like Social Security, SSDI or SSI), you can comply with this rule in two ways:

The first is to have your benefits payment deposited into your checking or savings account.

If you do not have a traditional checking or savings account, another option is to have your benefits deposited on the Treasury Department recommended prepaid card – the Direct Express card.

If you are trying to reach customer service to apply for a Direct Express card, scroll below for instructions.

If you already have a Direct Express card and need to reach customer service, continue reading. Here’s how Direct Express Customer Service can help you.

"Direct Express Customer Service"

Before You Call Customer Service

Before you call Direct Express Customer Service team, it is important to know what the top issues people call customer service for and what you should expect if you are calling about one of the following issues:

Dispute Unauthorized Transactions

Debit and Credit Card these days have become a favorite target of online fraudsters looking to make a quick buck.

If you have been a target of fraud and have transactions on your debit card you did not make or authorize, it is important to report this to customer service immediately. The sooner you report the issue, the better your chances of getting your money back.

Replace Lost or Stolen Card

If your debit card is lost or stolen, you should call customer service right away.

First, this is important because they will immediately cancel the card so there can be no transactions added to the card while you wait for your new card.

Second, it takes about 10 days to get your new card, unless you pay for expedited shipping with tracking.

Reach Dispute Resolution Department

You can reach the Dispute Resolution Department through the customer service number.

If you are disputing a transaction on your card, it is important to know the following:

First, it is important to have all the details of the event you are calling to dispute. This includes when the transaction happened, when you became aware of it and why you are sure you did not authorize that transaction.

This is especially important if the disputed transaction happened in another state or country and there is no way you could have been there.

Second, be aware that the dispute process takes time. After you report it, it can take anywhere from 45 days to 90 days to get it resolved.

Third, you may be required to fill out a fraud packet, which you will have to return in 10 days. Make sure you return it on time. If you don’t, your case will not proceed.

Fourth, even if Direct Express agrees that there’s been fraud on your account, there will be no credit added to your account until you submit the fraud packet explaining what happened.

That’s why it’s important to get that completed quickly.

Ask Questions About Direct Express

If you have other questions about the Direct Express debit MasterCard that is not mentioned above, you can get help with customer service to get answers.

Apply for Direct Express Card

If you receive one of the following federal benefits, then you are eligible to apply for Direct Express. Scroll below for details instructions on how to apply, including the Direct Express Customer Service number to call.

These are the federal benefit programs eligible for Direct Express:

  • Social Security
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Railroad Retirement Board
  • Office of Personnel Management
  • Department of Labor (Black Lung)

Direct Express Customer Service Number

If you have questions about your Direct Express card and would like to speak with a customer service representative, you should follow the instructions below:

"Direct Express Customer Service"

Direct Express Customer Service

As you can see from the image, if you already have a Direct Express card, you can call customer service at the following numbers:

  • Customer Service: 1-888-741-1115
  • Hearing impaired: 1-866-569-0447
  • International: 1-765-778-6290 (Collect)

Do you have Complaints about Customer Service?

If you have complaints about your experience with Direct Express customer service, we will like to know about it. Scroll down to the comments section below and tell us about your issue.

As you will see, there are a lot of facebook comments below about customer service. We encourage you to read through as many as you can.

You may even get answers to some of the questions you are calling customer service about since people with the same issue may have posted solutions about it.

Of course, we encourage you to add your own comments and any advice you would like to give to those trying to get their issues resolved with customer service.

How to Apply for the Direct Express Card

"Direct Express Login"If you have not yet enrolled in Direct Express and would like to, you have two options. The first option is to follow the Direct Express Application and sign up for the card here.

The article provides detailed instructions on how to apply for the card and what you need to complete the process.

Another option is to call Direct Express Customer Service (this is a different number that is dedicated to card enrollment) at Card Enrollment Center: 1-800-333-1795. You can also follow the instructions in the image below:

"Apply for Direct Express Card"

If you are still having issues reaching customer service, email us your complaint or tell us more about the issue in the comment section below.

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US Direct Express Customer Service
Average rating:  
 81 reviews
by Peggy S. Higgins on US Direct Express Customer Service

Please would you help me. On may 7,2020. someone took money of my bank acc, it was back market thay got 9.90, 329.39 00,02 out of my bank. I call them they said they had no record of it. I would like my money back. then I have been calling form may 7 to 13th I have been put on hold hours at a time. then I have called and it hang up on can I report stuff on my acc if I cant get any one to help. My bank is fozen I cant take money out to pay my bills so please help me. thank you.

by duane hensley on US Direct Express Customer Service
stimulus deposit

The IRS says money was send to direct express may 13th it is now may 15th still nothing? what is taking so long???? of course they wont even reply or you cant speak with anyone!!

by Dedra Allen on US Direct Express Customer Service
US Direct Express Ignores Customers!

If you are having problems with US DIrect Express you are not alone. I takes hours and days to get a live person to help you. My acct. is on fraud suspension due to hacking attempts and I can't get anyone on the phone to help me. I have contacted my senator for help, and written the company via snail mai, since they also have no fax or email address. You should do the same-

You can also write to us at:
Direct Express®, Payment Processing Services.
P.O. Box 245998
San Antonio, TX 78224-5998

Also you can file a complaint via email with the US Treasury Dept. and let them know how horrible the service really is- [email protected]

by Maggie Nichols on US Direct Express Customer Service
Can't get anyone the phone placed on hold for 4hours card is lock

Can't get anyone on the phone need help unlock card

by geraldine savary on US Direct Express Customer Service
they put a hold on my card dont know why have been trying to get someone and all i get is a waiting time for hours, what is there problems i need m

please help me and get my account straighten out

by edwould3 on US Direct Express Customer Service
Hot To Talk To A Live Person

Speak to a live person possible solution

I called the Customer Service number, 1-888-741-1115, that is on the back of my DE card. I was unable to reach a live person during normal business hours. It would transfer me to a queue with a very irritating recording saying someone would be with me shortly and then, after waiting 30 minutes or so, tell me to call back later. Amazingly unprofessional for a bank that handles tens of billions of dollars of U.S. citizens funds through SSA, etc.

After several attempts using the above technique, I then called around 2:30am Central DST (middle of the night), give or take an hour, and received a recording that the system wasn't available and to try back in 30 minutes.

I then called back around 3:00am, give or take an hour, and was able to speak with a customer service rep without any material delay.

I've complained about the system at the Dept of Treasury website but don't expect satisfaction from it either. Perhaps if enough do, maybe they'll move the DE account to a bank that appreciates the huge volume of business that this account must provide. There is no excuse for this despicable service. None whatsoever. I feel sorry for people who have trouble on the road or in foreign countries. God only knows what has happened to some who've relied on this inexcusable customer service to connect them with their funds during an emergency.

by Ronda on US Direct Express Customer Service
Poor Poor

This has to be the world worst customer center. And the card is a piece of you know what. I can not wait to switch my direct deposit banking info

by david on US Direct Express Customer Service
cant reach no one one the phone

do you have anyone answering calls i spent over 9 hours ( no joke ) and no one answered

by alton glenn on US Direct Express Customer Service

! have been on for 2 days and heard recorded messge "your call is important to us please remain on theline."bull!!!!! icant access my money because you locked my account. ihave bils to pay now im going to be late. not to mention i m hungry and cant by food. wtf.... are you going to call me? or do i have to file a lawsuit against you for withholding my funds without my permission. file theft charges. i am damn sure glad im going to another service. iwould not and willnotgive you a recomendation. YOU SUCK

by Skyler on US Direct Express Customer Service
Can’t wait any longer to use my card!

I cannot use my card. I need money quickly!

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  • Kelly Couey

    I recently lost my Direct Express Card. All I’m trying to do is fax over the documents that was ask of me or speak to a repersentative. using my social security nukmber isn’t helping cuase the card has been lost. What do I do?,please help

    • james jackson

      An ATM ate my card, and the bank saed that a outside company servis the ATM and donot return card.

  • robert hammer

    I have tried to open a directexpress account to monitor my benefit balance but the site keeps saying that it doesn’t recognise my zip code as being correct although it is and it is also the one they used to mail me my card.what can I do to access my account?

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  • iva howell

    If I want to pay a bill on line and I do not have a checking or saving acct what can I do they ask for a routing number

    • Holly Clark

      Had the same problem i cant pay my bills and if I take out cash it eats it up in fees

      • Amelia

        If you have this card through social security, then contact them and tell them you want your check sent to your checking account via autopay. They sent me a direct express card when I didn’t want one. It caused me a lot of problems. There’s nothing good about this card.

  • richard garcia

    I’m trying to activate my replacement card but your instructions dont come up. I cant access my account.

  • Gareth Murphree

    My father recently passed away and I need access to the money in his account to pay off some outstanding debts, what is a number where I can talk to a person without entering a PIN number, since I do not know this.

  • Never have I experience like this! Called to report lost card told to call next for routing number OMG! 3hrs and ???don’t even know if it was sent

  • You are the poorest of any company I have have ever dealt with

  • taylor lee

    I cancelled my card because I couldn’t find it I found it now please reactive my card I have to pay my rent

  • mike lilly

    my card is expired and im on vaca in nc how do i get my money

  • ariel

    Where’s my card

  • my benefits posted but when i try to make a purchase my card was declined. can i get some services i also couldnt create an account to find out any info. thank you

  • mona senechal

    i have charges on my transaction history, that i dont think i made, how do i find out if i made them or how to contact the company in question

  • Pamela Ireland

    I reported a lost card promptly & ordered new card requesting 2 day ups shipping at cost of $13.50 the card didn’t come I had to order again and was chgd another $13.50 plus 4.00 I believe I shouldn’t be chgd twice since ups never showed on the first time

  • Karen smith

    I contacted customer service at their # and all it did was give me a recording about when my card was ordered and did not give me a chance to speak to a rep. I need to speak with a rep to get a copy of the last 20 transactions.

  • JoA Griffin

    I have had my card one month..I thought that I could set up a payment schedule to pay my bills like I have on my bank account..not! I have kept my bank account open just in case of a problem..glad I did because I want to return to deposit going there. Another thing is I have forgotten my pass word so I cannot go into my account and have them email it to me. I am elderly and somewhat disabled so I dont want to be running around drawing money out etc. how do I stop the card and have it changed back to bank?

  • Direct Express sucks. I filed a complaint because a company I ordered from on the internet charged me $137.00 for so called internet download software that does not work. The same day, I sent email and the manager wrote back and got very rude and nasty and on several occasions I requested a refund but I was totally ignored when I bought that subject up. I then filed a dispute with Direct Express, sent in all my paper work, and they believed the organization by denying my claim. The organization told them to have me contact them and I have done that several times. They said that I should return their product, when that is impossible being that it was entirely an internet transaction. I was sent a bunch of information and files but no software that could be loaded to make the program operate. I deleted the junk from my computer. How can you send something back you never received, and when you request a refund get ignored.

    Direct Express did not help with my investigation, they just allowed that company to take advantage of me. I also informed them I opened a BBB complaint in Delaware where the company is located, and the BBB told me that company have an F rating for scams.

    How in the world do I cancel my card with this bank that does not work for the people who make their jobs possible.

  • april marie chapman

    My online log in is all messed up it said sent pw reset my email I never received it. I need access to print out history please its an emergency situation.

  • Berta

    I am trying to find out the routing number and my account number so I can set up with SS for a partial direct deposit.

  • Kathy Hooper

    I have lots of transactions on my July acc# and also how my transactions on my debit card now for August, I need help getting my money. Back’
    How do I file a fraud suit, I need help my bills are due and I am not going to get to pay them with my money keep missing,
    Help me please or I will have to change cards,
    Thank you

  • christine carswell

    I need my route number and account number even though I don’t receive checks or have savings account I still need the information

  • Thomas A Parish

    Ia,m deaf and my new card was mailed to the wrong address. I and my mother who has been speaking for me 12 years because I can,t sigh and can barly read lips. She and I rode 6 buses to the Social security office in Inkster Michigan. Trying to get help. They canclled the missing card. But told me that They would mail me my checks starting in December. But getting my November funds from Directexpress was our problem. I have never used TTY. I and my mother have been on the phone for hours with Comerica and Directexpres for hours. Getting nowhere. There must be someway to resolve this problem. I don,t have an E-mail address of my own. This is my mothers E-mail address.several times they hung up on my mother. Can anyone suggest a way to get help. This is the first posting from me.

  • guyeparkerjr

    Need email showing past months deposits



  • Karen E Murray

    I cant remember my online password or my email address and i cant access my online account…so what do i do

  • Patricia Wilson

    I need to be able to remove another person off of my own personal account.can I get ya to help me 28th this issue.plz

  • Deanna Curtis

    I usually receive a payment pending notification is it to early to receive the notification ?

  • Magdalene Donahoe

    Whats wrong with the directexpress cards today not working can’t get money out

  • Evelyn Miles

    I cannot access my $! Says it was deposited but balance is zero! I have to pay bills what can I do? HELP. asap.

  • Evelyn Miles

    I cannot access my $! Says it was deposited but balance is zero!

  • Melissa Tate

    Can i set up a savings account with Direct Express to have a certain amount taken out each month?

  • julius howard


  • Martin Myers

    My card won’t allow me to make withdrawals. Still plenty of balance. No one will answer the phone.

  • amy penighetti

    i was suppossed to get my social security sept 2 in the amount of $1288.00 I GOT TO THE BANKat 910:00 am to get my $1288.00 they said O only hasd $128.00 in my account. and stated that at 823:00am someone took out $1160.00 I tried ti rich direct express and they said someone took out $1160.00 at 823:00 am i tried for 6 days to get in touch with direct express and it sad they were to busy and to call another day. I am severly disabled and kept caling. I then went to the bank and spoke t the manager, I finally got in touch with direct express and the greed that $1160.00 was taken out. I had my card with me all the time. They asked the bank manager to fax a letter to you on the banks letter head asking for the anagers name date ofwithdrawal the date and how much was taken out they also asked for the last 4 numbers of my de cardmy bank reps name, banks phone number anconfirmation she got that nowI,m still trying to get in touch with de and can’t get anyone just like te last 6 days. Its says the lines are busy please get to us a a latter date I am broke and don’t have a penny to my name, I dd’nt pay any of my bills and Im going to get a late ffee on all of them I need my money immeditelyAnd to top it off I am severly disable dand can’t kep going back to the bank.

    • Holly Clark

      Agree same issues..took my money and went without food became homeless

      • Andrea

        You have to send a written dispute to their address in Texas w in 10 days. They will give you a provisional credit.
        Don’t wait for their paperwork to arrive, they will send it late.
        Read the terms and conditions for complete info.

  • Pam

    Something is wrong with the phone lines and website I can’t get threw to no one

  • Something wrong with the card company phone lines

  • Jacqueline Mahone

    Can’t get through to a person however I can’t use my card for anything. Not at stores or ATMs I need my money and this is old I don’t know what’s up with it I just know Im not really happy

  • katrine m musselman

    I do not know how to get new register…I have tried calling1 888 741 do I get someone to help me

  • kala wilkie

    Everytime I call direct was they say there is an important message for my account and they’re sending me to a customer service representative and then it hangs up. I’ve tried this at least 30 tines since Saturday morning. My card won’t help me draw anymore off of it or use it. I need money to pay the car insurance today please help.

  • George Corsetti

    Social Security issued a D.R card for me last Dec [2018] somehow it was sent to a bogus address ! Now i’m unabale to get a real person on the phone i’ve been left with no money since day one ! Social Security never even told me theyd issued me acard

  • Melissa Marchbanks

    I need to speak to someone about money being took off of my direct express card no one has access to this card but me when I checked my balance this morning instead of the regular payment I look up the transactions someone or something has took out 52.00 dollars out of my account I really need to speak to someone about getting this money back on and find out what or who did this

  • Es

    Something very wrong is going on and they need to get to the bottom of this. I was expecting to get my monthly benefits on the 1st only to find out i had less than 10.00 on my card. I tried to call customer service all day untill about 6pm and i was able to talk yo someone about the issue. I told them that not only was there unauthorized transactions but my online account info been changed somehow too. It’s a big mess and something needs to be done. I don’t feel like my account is no longer secure. This is the 1st time and I’m pretty sure God forbid it could happen again.. to anybody

  • I’m locked out of my app account

  • I am going to write a letter requesting that you send me my money that was given to you when I closed my enrollment! (DIRECT DEPOSIT) I was told by phone that you need to send me another debit card with the funds that you received from Social Security and State Supplement Support Program! That is un-acceptable! Then I be told that coworkers should had told me everything concerning direct deposit and my bank not getting it! If there is any thing I should know now I would appreciate it! Please contact me ASAP!

    Thank you,
    James Allen, Jr.

  • I have tried for a year now to get access to my account online but just like the people that are making similar complaints I have not been able to get any results. If my issue is not resolved soon I will have no other chose but to end my services with direct express and find other means to use my money.