Direct Express Dispute Resolution Department

Last Updated 8/12/19

Most Direct Express card holders call the dispute resolutions department to contest suspicious or unauthorized charges on their card. We get questions all the time about Direct Express Dispute form or fax number.

There is actually no downloadable dispute form on the website to formally report your suspicious activity. There is also no fax number on the website to send in a formal complaint. The only way to dispute a charge on your card is to call Customer Service at the number below:

—     Customer Service: 1-888-741-1115

—     Hearing-impaired: 1-866-569-0447

—     International: 1-765-778-6290 (Collect)

Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have charges on your card and need to look into where it came from, call the customer service number and file a complaint. Make sure you have your card number and the specific transaction you want them to investigate (date of transaction, amount and the merchant it was made at).

When you call customer service, they are going to ask you questions to confirm your identity to make sure you are who you say you are and that you are the actual cardholder, so be ready to provide information including your social security number, date of birth and any other identifiers they may want.

"direct express dispute resolution"

We have received a lot of complaints about how slow and frustrating contacting Direct Express Dispute Department can get. Let us know about your own personal experience calling customer service in our comments section below.

Did they resolve your issue? If you are not satisfied, contact the US Treasury Department at [email protected] to file a complaint.

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US Direct Express Dispute Resolution
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 32 reviews
by cece ganaway-thompson on US Direct Express Dispute Resolution
lousey service

as soon as I can open a bank account I am saying goodbye to your low class service. you need to be investigated. my card was not accepted. I can not get my damn money nor an I reach another human. you are being reported to better business org and government.

by Justen Roy on US Direct Express Dispute Resolution
Need new card

The us bank ate my card and i couldnt get it back, and thay said thay çouldnt do @ny thing about it now my rent is and late i still havent got a new card, i need help now 😣

by Margaret on US Direct Express Dispute Resolution
Horrible Customer Service

I have been trying to get Direct Express by phone since November when new cards were to be issued because I had an address change. Calling during the day, you hold only for the automated system to disconnect your call after about an hour wait. This went on until January. Today I woke up at 5 am and was able to get a very nice representative on the phone. However, her supervisor Raymond should be fired. I wanted to make a complaint about my experience to be escalated. Raymond was talking to someone else in the background, told me no one can call me back, there's no address to write a letter to. When I asked him to read my complaint back it was actually his chopped down version. He had no empathy for the lack of service this organization provides. Of course, he was the supervisor with no manager around, no manager voice mail. It was the worst customer service experience that I have had my entire life. Today I am going to go to my bank and have funds go to the bank instead of an institution who has no way to resolve customer complaints.

by Christine on US Direct Express Dispute Resolution

Like John Arthur i also have a charge from lyft in San Francisco( i live in OK)that's just one of many charges that i didn't make.Trying to get a hold of someone is nearly impossible& if you do they put you on hold or use some excuse probably hoping you'll hang up.I was denied my money back and when i asked for my transcript,well im still waiting.I'm with John and say we take this to the media & petition for them to lose their contract.Something needs to be done.I need my money as well as everyone else.

by russell jaso on US Direct Express Dispute Resolution

I've been on the phone for over an hour still waiting to get help...of course it's a dispute issue.

by jeffrey f sanniola on US Direct Express Dispute Resolution

Direct express dispute department SUCKS. If the need to wait 2 hrs on phone is necessary then it may not be necessary to have a card that has that many complaints. Maybe their after 4pm departments don't give a Fuck or are sleeping,playing cards, drinking, watching tv etc... A TOTAL DISGRACE.

by michael parrish on US Direct Express Dispute Resolution
fraudalant activity

on 11/1/19 my ssi check was deposited to my direct express card, on 11/2/19 at 4:38am i received a text message stating {you have insufficent funds on the card to perform this transaction) ???? i proceeded in calling direct express to inquire and was told that there had been a card to bank transfer for $1600.00 asking further questions it was reveiled that someone created a online account on direct expresses website using my information ????? i explained first of all i do not have a bank account of any kind and had NO reason to go to their website and DID NOT!!!! OK now to all that have had or currently have a dispute filed SECURITY is suppose to be high and foremost right? not at all let me tell you why.....i asked the customer service representative to share the email address used to perform this illegal transaction she first said due to security purposes she was not able to give that information but she DID ([email protected]), i literally had to have her spell it out because i have never heard of any email address such as this yahoo, gmail, etc.... yes. She goes on by looking this up because she said I:ve never heard of it either. meanwhile a dispute ticket was created was told she needed a valid email address to send the dispute form to unfortunately my services with the internet co. had been turned off for non payment all my utilities were disconnected, rent not paid no food because whomever responsible for this took everything i had not just once but they attempted a second time but never contacted by direct express even AFTER filing the dispute. the next business day i contacted ssi, the office of the attorney general, all 3 credit reporting bureaus, my local sheriff"s department. i faxed all the supporting documentation to direct express hoping and praying this could be resolved in a timely period because i am on a month to month lease and looking towards homelessness 61 years of age, with severe physical disabilities and now experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression!! was told they (investigation dept) HAS 10 DAYS TO CONCLUDE THEIR INVESTIGATION BUT DID ASSURE ME THAT A PROVISIONAL CREDIT WOULD BE APPLIED TO THE NEW CARD ISSUED WITHIN THOSE 10 DAYS, FIRST TOLD TO EXPECT THAT BY THE 10th, then it was the 18th, then it was the 15th of november!!!! on the 15th i called to confirm the provisional credit and was told by a supervisor (GOOD NEWS TODAY IS THE DAY) WE HAVE UNTIL THE CLOSE OF TODAY WHiCH IS MIDNIGHT) YOU WILL RECIEVE A TEXT SHOWING THE CREDIT AND BALANCE......LOW AND BEHOLD NO TEXT ON THE 16TH SO I CALLED AND WAS TOLD THAT THE INVESTIGATION CONCLUDED AND CLOSED AND THAT THERE WOULD NOT BE ANY CREDITS APPLIED!!!!! REQUESTED A SUPERVISOR TRANSFERRED AND I ASKED HIM TO EXPLAIN WHY AND HOW NO CREDIT WAS DUE FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT DO AND HE COULD NOT ANSWER ANY OF THOSE QUESTIONS STATED I WOULD NEED TO EMAIL THE RESOLUTION DEPT AND THEY WOULD RESPOND WITH THEIR CONCLUSION. I WENT TO THE WEBSITE ADDRESS GIVEN AND NOT ABLE TO ACCESS IT!!!! SO I WILL BE CONTACTING THE BBB, AN ATTORNEY, AND MY LOCAL NEWS INVESTIGATIVE DEPARTMENT TO EXPOSE THESE PEOPLE WHO FEEL ITS OKAY TO PUNISH SOMEONE WHO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE ILLEGAL ACTIONS. NOT TO MENTION OUR SAFETY AND SECURITY OF KNOWING OUR MONEY IS SAFE AND KNOWING AFTER SEVERAL CALLS TO THEM AND SEVERAL OF THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES NOT ASKING THE SECURITY QUESTIONS THEY SHOULD HAVE AND SECOND OF ALL STOPPING ANY OR ALL TRANSACTIONS ON ONES ACCOUNT IF THEY DO NOT HAVE ON FILE ANY OTHER BANKING INFORMATION TO BACK UP THESE ILLEGAL TRANSACTIONS!!!!!! I NEED MY $$$$$$ JUST AS EVERYONE ELSE DOES.....MY QUESTION WOULD BE WHY WASTE HOURS AND HOURS ON THE PHONE TO NOTIFY THE PROPER PEOPLE OF THIS AND TO GO AS FAR AS FILING A POLICE REPORT IF I WAS IN THE WRONG??????? COME ON

by John Arthur on US Direct Express Dispute Resolution
DE defrauds thousands

You sent me the same letter you gave this lady who was defrauded by you.(article at bottom) Word for word. I am reentering my fraud complaints so you can start your ninty day clock over again. I am appealing your decision.. Some charges were lyft charges in San Fran when i live in vermont, clearly fraud. YOu make it hard to call, you hang up, you pretend you cant hear. You are stealing from those in need. Even people who won there case never got paid the lady in the enclosed article got her money back only because she went to the media so thats what i will do if this is not corrected. If not i will go after you for descrimination as well and hopefully a new class action suit. As a company that deals with people with disabilities should have a easy way for those to report instead of making it hard so that fraud goes unreported. I recorded all the coversations i had with you so i expect in my packet of information used to decline my case u will include transcripts and the letter i wrote discribing what happened i imagine you will come up with an excuse to not provide them. If its not included you are with holding information thus showing you made the decision without the use of them.. I meet with the aclu and social security on monday with a stack of fraud reports. included in the papers is the letter from elizabeth warren stating the obvious fraud perpatrated by direct express NO ONE USE THIS COMPANY ITS FRAUDULENT INSTEAD OF SOLVING THE PROBLEM THEY WILL GO AFTER THE INDIVIDUAL time to petition for them to lose their contract.

by Trey on US Direct Express Dispute Resolution
Poor customer contact and service

My funds have been tied up since last month. I waited on hold 3 hours before I got a representative on the line that told me there was fraudulent activity on my account and to send them verification that it is me before they can give me some information about my money. That was days ago my funds have not been released and I am currently on hold for an hour and counting. This makes no sense that they would do this to people. I cant pay my bills this month who can be reached or who higher up do we need to contact to get this resolved. this is ridiculous

by Kim on US Direct Express Dispute Resolution
fraud us direct is a fraud company

Please stay away from this company the are abusing our Veterans and disabled just look up lawsuits , there are several in all 50 states , the bbb, comsumer complaints are over whelming . they are fraudulent! please warn all vets to remove them selves from US direct express debit cards or they will be missing thousands of dollars as my uncle had happen to him.
concerned Niece

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  • I can’t get on your website

  • scharles

    Absolutely can not reach customer service after 12 hours down so far. Why is it so difficult to maintain two working numbers and stop abusing the American people.

  • Jane Neal

    There are charges on my card I’m disputing.

  • Deborah Miller

    Need to finish the dispute process/application,no one answered after the operator took the basic I I can’t reach that Dept I have cancelled the card and a new one is on the way.Just hope my money is too!

  • Praveen malhotra

    What is their policy on authorizations that the company them selfs are refusing and have put in a return request how long will it take for the funds to become available

  • Charlie Trahan

    I have several fraudulent charges. I am unable to reach anyone to start a claim. I have called daily and been on hold for hours, to have the call disconnected. How is it legal that the Government uses them for their services, but they cant afford to have working phones? I have sent letters to the address listed and emailed the treasury complaint department. I just want this corrected.

    • Laurie Atkins

      I sent dispute papers awhile back for transactions that wasnt done by me on my card. I still aint received the funds yet. I am wondering when the funds will be put back on my card.

  • Doug schmer

    Someone help tried to pull money off card and atm kept it and every time I call after sitting on hold for a hour it hangs up I need my money help please

  • john w almeida

    I want to know, why it is so difficult , when UPS did not deliver my new card on time when I should have received it on a Friday, but won’t get util the following Monday, that I have to fight to get my money refunded that I was charged to get my card expidited ?? I also would like to know , if directexpress is a service mark of the U.S,treasury , why they are not linked together with SS to both have my address i the first place

  • n October 21st my debit card was stolen by a man that stopped by my house. I had known him less than a week. First only half the monies were paid due to my being blocked from the website once my credit card was canceled. I had a CSR assist me and she only gave me half the transactions. Upon further review I found that there was $1800 above and beyond the initial transactions. I have been waiting all this time for my money. I need this money now as I am on a fixed income but today I was informed that my dispute has been denied.

    I have dealt with rude customer service reps and now I’m being told that I am a thief because I live in Columbus and the card was used in Columbus. Columbus isn’t a small town with a couple of roads so it doesn’t even make sense to assume since it was used in Columbus that I was using it. Between the way I was treated and also discriminated against due to my mental disability, I am quite dissatisfied with DirectExpress and their services.

    After waiting this long and to find out that the fraud department did not even investigate has me extremely angry. The videos were not requested from the banksthe police were not contacted and the report number was provided to Direct Express. After speaking to the police department, I was advised that it was illegal to accuse another person of a crime with no proof and it is definitely illegal to discriminate due to a mental disability.

    With all the time spent on this I would assume the fraud department would’ve had all their facts in order and would not be making decisions on guess work or assumptions.

    I would like the last case 1-4322393097 opened and be reimbursed immediately. This fiasco has caused my bills to be paid late, late fees and has damaged my credit I was trying to rebuild. I have spent too much time being anxious and stressed, affecting my health.

    Anything you will do to resolve this matter will be greatly appreciated.

  • Absolutely disgusting

  • karyn freeman

    I called several times for a claim dispute, got nowhere

  • valeria beck

    you need to get a new consumer relations department. why is it so hard to file a fraud complaint? i can relate to every complaint on your website this is ridiculous…

  • joe

    I just noticed that over the last six+ months someone has been signing for services using my card number. I would not ever think of using these. Direct Express should have let consumers know so we could transfer our funds,-Michigan