Direct Express Lost Card Replacement

"Direct Express Lost Card Replacement"

One of the features we like about the Direct Express Card is the ease with which you can have a lost or stolen card replaced. Direct Express lost card replacement can be done in one easy step. But you will need to provide some information to help customer service to properly identify you. This is important because while you are […]

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US Direct Express Customer Service

"Direct Express Customer Service Phone Number"

Last Updated 8/19/20 In this post, we will help you reach Direct Express Customer Service and talk about what they can help you with. Before we do that, we will give you a brief summary of the Direct Express Card and how your account is managed. The Direct Express Debit Mastercard is a prepaid reloadable card that is issued by […]

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How to Sign Up for Direct Express Debit Card

"direct express card"

Last updated on 11/2/19 The Direct Express debit card is a prepaid card issued by the US Department of Treasury Department. It is offered to those who receive federal benefit payments, including Social Security Benefits and Supplemental Security Income. It is an option for meeting the federal law that requires all government benefits to be received electronically. The card is […]

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