Are Social Security Disability Benefits Taxable?

"Is Social Security Disability Income Taxable"

In this post, we are going to answer the question – Are Social Security Disability Benefits Taxable? When it comes to Social Security Disability, many people wonder if their benefits are subject to taxation. That is because whether SSDI or SSI benefits are taxed directly affects how much recipients get in benefits, which affects their … Read more

Can Social Security Disability Be Garnished?

"Can debt collectors garnish Social Security disability"

This blog post will answer the question, “Can Social Security Disability Be Garnished?” and provide examples of situations where benefits may be garnished or levied. When it comes to Social Security Disability benefits, many recipients wonder if their benefits can be garnished or levied by creditors. Understanding the regulations surrounding the garnishment of Social Security … Read more

Social Security Changes in 2019

If you currently receive Social Security benefits or are nearing retirement age, you should pay close attention to the discussions in Washington DC about Social Security. Over the last 20 years, politicians of all stripes have proposed ideas to change Social Security. The Trump administration is no different. In this article, we will review the top … Read more