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  1. My direct express debt card was stolen after the SSDI payment went into my account. 1232.00 dollars was stolen by 6am.when I woke up. I have tried to get a hold of Direct Express since then. This was on November 1st . I have tried to talk to someone from DE since then, but I have not got to speak to anyone since. I don’t know my card number and they that my Social security number doesn’t match my pin number. So I am pretty that they let them change my pin a steal all my money. I have tried to call 67 times and haven’t got to even report it. I did however report it to the police, but that’s not going to get a new card and my money back. I recently got the address a wrote a letter. I need help to report this and get money back.

  2. I can’t figure out how I did my user I.D. and password. I think I locked myself off my online account because I couldn’t remember them.

  3. When I go to Direct Express to log in I have to choose a card number to proceed but the card that comes up is an old card number
    . that card has expired. I set up a new account with new card number but that card doesn’t show up. How do I proceed to new card account

  4. i i being issued a new card i bought items on my old card and have a refund in progress , where does the refund money go?

  5. can not remember user name and password and email address used for this account is no longer active. everytime we try to call customer service we get hung up on. very frustrating

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