Direct Express Card Review

This is a US Direct Express Card Review. The Direct Express card is a prepaid reloadable card issued by the US Treasury Department via Comerica Bank. A law was passed that required that all recipients of federal benefits switch to electronic payments by March 1, 2013. To comply, there are two options for those affected. First, you can elect to have your benefit payments direct deposited into your checking or savings account. But for those who do not have a traditional checking or savings account, there is another option that ensures that you will still comply with the law and still get your payments electronically. That is where the Direct Express Debit MasterCard comes in. It is comes recommended by the US Treasury department as the alternative if you don’t have a check or savings account. You can sign up for the Direct Express card by following the instructions on this page.

Why Switch to Direct Express?

The video below reviews the reasons why the government is moving to electronic payments and who is affected and the options to comply.

There are many reasons why the Treasury Department is requiring federal benefit check recipients to switch to direct deposit or the Direct Express® card. The obviois one is that it saves the government money – so they don’t have to mail thousands or millions of checks each month. For recipients, it is very convenient. This video highlights the advantages of electronic payments, including taxpayer savings, safety and reliability.

Here is Kim, a federal benefits recipient talking about the benefits of using the Direct Express Debit Card:

As you can see, there are several benefits to the Direct Express Card. So, if you are sitting on the fence, this is a card that comes recommended by the government, so you cannot go wrong if you do not have a checking or savings account. And for those with check or savings account that come with high fees, this may be an option for you to save money and still get your benefits in a timely manner.



4 thoughts on “Direct Express Card Review”

  1. I have a restriction on my card apparently due to someone trying to use it. But no one could use it because at the time the restriction went into place, the card was in my mailbox. I picked up my mail about 2 weeks after i got this message about a restriction. This is NONSENSE. Please take the restriction off.

  2. This is the WORST affiliation the government has. These people are CRAZY. All i needed was two monthly statements! I had some VEERY IMPORTANT business to take care of for my disabled son. The website would not take my password so I tried resetting the password. The system asked for “PET NAME” I hate dogs, cats, etc. and I KNOW I wouldn’t choose that for a security question. Therefore I couldn’t even print the statements online. They say they don’t have a outgoing line to fax nor email me the statements. I’m having to wait 7 days to receive them in the mail and 5 days for someone to call me concerning the website to reset my password. I REALLY REALLY NEED THESE STATEMENTS TODAY and “nobody” at Direct Express would help me. I reported them to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and I will not STOP complaining about them until they fix their ridiculous flaws. They have NO right to treat people like this


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