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  1. I have been trying to call all day because there is an unauthorized transaction on my card and I have to pay my light bill before it cuts off. The lines have been busy all day please call me at 2392008617 so I can say not to approve the payment.

  2. Thousands of peoples direct express cards are working and we cant access any of our money. No one can get thru to the customer service and ones lucky enough to get thru are being hung up on and being told theres no issues with peoples cards. Their ignoring the problem and seeming like fraud or scam to me. This issue needs addressed and fixed ASAP. Too many people rely on that money

  3. I have tried to use ur .com adress follow all the way up and it still won’t work I have even called and get “do to our unusual hi call valume ” I SO PISST OFF I NEED MY STATEMENT U JERK FIK THE PROBLEM ASAP OR IM SWITCHING BANKS

  4. On Nov 1, 2019 I received a deposit of 733. On Nov 3 when I went to pay my bills, $522.49 was missing from my account. Unable to talk to a person with a pulse, due to the heavy call volume, I went to the SS office. Unable to help me. Soooo, someone hacked SS and got my information and stole my rent money, the long and short of this CRIME against seniors! I want the money charged back to my account immediately!

  5. Direct Express cannot PROTECT seniors benefits on this express card. I had my benefits sent directly to my bank so if I am hacked, my bank will have money back in my account within a few hours. Its crazy that you are unable to speak with a person regarding your stolen benefits. It like okay, they stole your benefits and the Social Security department looks the other way. I want my money back!!!!

  6. I can’t access my account money 😭 and I need to pay rent and I can’t get through on the phone I’ve never had this problem 😔 ok help me

  7. I have disputed a transaction…I have sent two successful FAX transmissions, and mailed back all forms you have requested…I have now been on hold for nearly 40 minutes to check the status…this is unbelievable…

  8. my card has been issued on the 27th of november and still havent recieved it wat is the issue can i get a tracking number

  9. Some unknown company took money out of my direct express account yesterday I have tried to reach Direct Express twice by phone and after all the waiting I was hung up on each time. So I am trying this

  10. I had to cancle my direct express card and I am suppose to be receiving a new card . It hasn’t come yet . I am on ssi and there is going to be a deposite made tomorrow , I need my card ..a replacement card . can you check the status on that and is there going to be a hold up because my card is not here ?

  11. I am suppose to be getting a replacement card..It has not come yet . I am on ssi and need that card . I will be getting a deposite tomorrow . can you check the status , let me know that all is in order ? I cannot speak well on the phone and is hard on me to repeat and very frustrating ..that is why I did this on line …now I am worried

  12. my card has been locked due to last month fraudualant, i need to get it unlcoked today asap so i can spend my money i recieved on my card

  13. My grandkids survivor benefits are not on the card. I can’t seem to talk to anyone and I can’t access my acct. what is going on and what do I do. January 2020

  14. I do not see where my social security check was deposited in January, 2020! I had requested thru social security that my payment be transferred to a checking account with Navy Federal. I was told that it would take about 2 mos.. Checking account received deposit 2/19/20 for February. Can’t find January payment.

  15. Deductions are being made from my Direct Express card for charges that I haven’t made. I have called the numbers under names and was told that you had wrong numbers, that they were a wrist watch company or a furniture dealer, etc. They keep charging and I can’t get it stopped because no one at Direct Express will answer, or when I am transferred they have voice activated that says I can’t use this department for these charges. I am trying to stop my Social Security from this account now so they can’t keep having money in it. They clipped another $89.47 in January under the name GETMODERNMIRACLENATURAL (1-800-970-1573, CA) I I requested social security stopped but find it was again deposited on February 19 and these people will eat up whats in there if I can’t get some help!!!!!

  16. I recently used my iPhone to have more storage space on my phone I was just trying to check my balance that was all and I been on hold on my phone for the last hour and I did not know I was supposed to let you all know about my three-digit security code on it was not supposed to be given out

  17. I have a refund coming from amazon and I was wondering if it will get on my card because that’s the one I used to make the order

  18. I wish to file a fraudulent use on Feb 28th when in Torrance California my card was used 3 times in a row for $200/each a total of $600 plus the 3 atm fees of $3.each withdrawl. Total loss of $609.

  19. I have been trying to obtain a replacement card since Feb 10th and you have the worst customer service ever. All there is is one 1-800 number that is only voice automated that states an unusual call volume and then cuts me off!!!!! Every day it is like this. Why isn’t there a for card replacement press 1 or 2 or something. To not be able to talk to someone is frustrating – meantime I can’t use my card because it it was valid until March 31st! If millions have to use this why isn’t there actual customer service. This is most frustrating and stressful and complete nonsense!

  20. I did not receive my card, so how am I to use the funds on my account? I have called the customer service phone number but have not talk to a live person. The automated call asks for my pin, but I did not receive the card or a pin, so how am I supposed to verify that?

  21. Hello my name is Amanda and I work for H7R Block, I have a client that is wanting to file a return in order to receive her stimulus check on her Direct Express Card. Where do you find the information to direct deposit the stimulus on the direct express card I have tried calling the several times and was unsuccessful and disconnected. I have several social security clients wishing to do direct deposit with the stimulus check.

  22. i need a list of the transaction made so i can fill out the investigation paper work you all sent me please if possiable email it to me

  23. I have been trying for two days to get in touch with a person about my replacement card being delivered to the wrong address. I don’t know to do.

  24. i been tryin to talk to someone but no help this is bullcrap please help me if you cant let me know i will get another bank i want to talk live PLEASE

  25. My daughter’s check card from Direct Express is her only means of money. People have stolen money off of her card from Arizona and Florida. She has NOT been out of the State of Tennessee.
    CANNOT get in touch with the number on the back of card. Something has got to be done!!! She has to go to a hospital in Nashville and has no money to get there!
    Give another number or hire more people to help there! ( Whatever the problem is) Please try to help these people! She has tried to call you people for 4 days! She lives in Tennessee!

  26. I lost my cared and received a new one, but it impossible to activate it either on line or by telephone. I only get an option to dial my card number then the only option is to hear tracking or status of the card (delivered). I am already bouncing checks at my other bank so I need the cared activated today! I spent over four hours online and on the phone trying to activate the card so I would really like a person to assist me in activating my card!

  27. I need a phone number to talk to a customer service rep. I am getting totally frustrated with direct express and will find another service if needed. II WANT A NUMBER NOW

  28. hi i am wondering why i havent been able to get threw to anyone i was told my refund from 878.56 is on my account from yesterday refund from that it hasnt showed up yet im waiitng i been calling and facebook all morning is there something wrong with the machines. please call me! upset

  29. I need to speak to a person!!!!! If I can’t, I am going to cancel my card and have my deposits go directly to my checking account

  30. I have my card registered with Paypal. It is no longer working- payments get refused. Paypal says it in not on their end. And the noticed when I tried to pay said your bank is refusing the transaction. Why all of a sudden are you not allowing paypal transactions?

  31. Direct express sent a replacement card and my Post office informed delivery says it was delivered but I didn’t receive it. My local post office has been training new people and has been placing mail in the wrong mailboxes. If someone got my card will they be able to activate it and receive my ssdi and ssi payments? Thank you

  32. my card has been stolen 3 weekss ago i call 10 or more times a day keep getting hung up on this is maddening to say the least i cant remember my pin and i dont have my card i know 3 sets of number 1 set i do not only had a week thought it would show up but everyone in my house has looked please help me please Please cancel my card and send me a replacement to my home address on file 3 day service please my name Dawn

  33. I’ve been trying to call andbeen on hold for a total of 4 hours. Issomething wrong with your phones.


  35. My husband is having difficulty using his card for online purchases such as groceries and fast-food. We just tried to order fast food and you declined the purchase. My husband and I both receive our SSDI benefits thru
    Direct Express. Roger is not able to use a computer so I make the online purchases for the both of us. We are Debra and Roger Prentiss and it is us that are making these online purchases that you keep declining payment.
    Please fix this because both of us are disabled and it is a lot easier to shop online. Roger is no longer able to
    walk so he would be very happy if you will stop declining our purchases starting now..

  36. Tried to use my card on instacart which I do al the time. This time it says it was declined even though I have a good balance in my account. Have been trying to get a hold of Customer service since yesterday. Please help!

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