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  1. I set up y card right after I received and now I do no remeber how to get ito my account. I don’t even remeber ly log in or my passwaord.

  2. I set up y card right after I received and now I do no remeber how to get ito my account. I don’t even remember my log in or my password. Can you please help me?

  3. I am trying to log into my direct express on line account , i enter my password and it won’t accept it , so I tried over a dozen times and it says that they ill e mail me a reset code and I never get it in my e mail ,I am really getting frustrated because I can’t check my balance or transactions , i called the customer service numbers and after numerous attempts was finally able to talk someone who said she could fix it , I tried 3 times to reset my password but had no success because I never received an email with a reset code . please help me correct this problem asap.

    1. i need a copy of what i get on my direct express card and i never log in in before on the internet and tried but it keep saying my information is not correct i have my directed care with me please can you help me do this i am at the library using there computer

  4. please i need help getting a copy of my amount i receive on my card every month i don’t know how to do this please i am using the computer at the library

  5. I have been calling to talk about getting my new card because the one I have now will expire soon,but I can’t get anyone from custome service to talk to.

  6. I have a card that I used to buy a bus ticket and Greyhound took the money off the card and did not get the comp number. They will not give the money back without the code but they won’t give me the code. Can you help me get the $190.00 back so I can buy the ticket at the agency please I hope to hear back asap

  7. I would like the information to launch a complaint against your company. Any addresses or E-mail addresses would be appreciated. Your customer service could not help me, nor did they basically even care. Reps and Supervisors together are very disrespectful and totally not helpful. I’ve documented information and would like someone up in management to address my complaint too. Thank you.

  8. Ya I played my cell phone bill with my card on line and you guys took out 114.00 but my Metro PCS was just played by cash so I want two put a stop A.S.A.P BE FOR IT GOES THOUGH IT SAID STILL PENNING THANKS

  9. They let someone take over my account under I.D Theft lost My home lost everything they Wil not help you they just fuck up your life and the people stil have account in my name with them and social security will not help at all

  10. Hello Im tryin to locate the dispute office my account was compermised and all of my money stolen from someone in Decata Georgia I know no one there never even been there. I really think it was a inside job. I did the neccesary dispute form and really would like to know if and when my money will be returned to me.

  11. am really upset with direct express I change my address and the person I talk to put the wrong zip code I had to fix my information in and now my card is still not on . I been calling and calling this is not right

  12. I am upset with direct express. Someone took my money 263.58 off my card. I didn’t spend it someone else took my money. I suppose got credit to my account. I didn’t get it. I am mad as hell because of it. I need my money. Bull shit I didn’t take it someone else took my money money off my card. I will talk to news and or sue them if I had to. This is bull shit direct express.

  13. This is so stupid! But I guess it’s par for the course with anything pertaining to the so called Government! It is impossible to reach anybody or anything with Direct Express! If I had known how ridiculous this Debit Account was. I would never have signed up for it! And the stupidest part is you can’t contact them to change anything. This Company or whatever it is SUCKS big time!! I need to talk to a person about a transaction I didn’t authorise!

  14. On October 1st 2019 I received 771.00 into my account.i went to the Louisiana State Fair the same day my 771.00 was posted which was on the first of october.i lost my card.however I didn’t call it in lost or stolen right then just in case I would have found it.on October 4,2019 I logged into my online banking and seen my balance of 1.87.And a bunch of online charges that I clearly did not I admediatly called my card in.they admediatly turned my card off and sent me a new one while charging me for it.then they said that I had to file a dispute so that my account could be investigated and they would put my 771.00 back on there.but I have been calling this card company dispute line every single day in the month of october.and every single day I wait on hold for hours and hours at a time until the company hangs up the line on they’re I’m beginning to think that someone in there office is hacking our bank accounts and they know if they answer that dispute line then they will be maybe getting their co-workers or themselves busted because they’re is no way that one could call a banks dispute line each and everyday for a whole month and not one answer not one time.they just don’t want to replace my money back into my utilities have been turned not able to pay my rent or buy my four year old son a christmas.i received my first eviction notice friday.i have told the bill companies and my landlord that the banks dispute line wont pick up at all.he suggested that I find a lawyer.

  15. I did not get my new card in the mail. I did not get a letter even. my card has expired, and because of the virus no-one is answering the phones. I cannot use my card or find out if a deposit from social security has even been put on there. I need my money to buy my medicine. im getting my blood pressure up worrying. now there is going to be an extension on the stay at home thing. the virus is worse. now no-one will be in any office. what can I do? please can u tell me what to do or at least issue me a new card. I cannot use this one. I cannot find out even if my money is on there . it says my 6 numer pin no but I have a 4 number on I always have used. it wont work on the computer so desperate!!!!!!

  16. I need to replace my Direct express card and my address has changed as well as phone # I can’t reach anyone at customer service and I need my money. What ways beside waiting games can we actually get through to customer service ?

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