Activate direct express card

"activate direct express card"



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  1. i accidental through the activation number in the trash. i can’t log in my account , because i don’t have the number to activate the card. please can you help me in finding the number for my . my ssi benefit money falls on Sunday. contact me soon.

  2. I cant activate my card from the toll free number. Its says the info you entered is invalid. Called customer support 7 times and none of them could do anything. They put me on hold then never came back on the line, or they would transfer me back to the automated part which is the problem. Why cant anyone tell me anything. How hard is it to look up my name and see what’s going on.

  3. Iv tried using my card all day it keeps saying it’s declined! I have no idea why and that is Wher all my money I Iv tried calling and been on hold fir 3 hrs please help me find out what’s goin in thank you

  4. Unbelievable, I have been trying for months to activate my new card. My original card was lost/stolen. Customer Service doesn’t answer only automated system. when I call or try to get some where. They want the number of my old card! Which I don’t have. Dah, It was lost. I cant believe this. I don’t know how to let the government know what’s going on. People rely on receiving there funds. All reviews are the same, if anyone has a back door please let me know, I will receive info via email even though they don’t

  5. I cant activate my card from the toll free number. Its says the info you entered is invalid. Called customer support and none of them could do anything. Does anyone have a solution for this?

  6. The number too call is 1-800-333-1795 yes it’s the us treasury but just follow the prompts and direct express will be on I think number 3 idk why they just don’t put this miner on the back of the stupid card lol

  7. I’m haven the same problems activating my direct express card I dont know what’s going on but my ssi benifits are stuck on it and no way to pay my rent or electric somebody help us none of the numbers work nor does the website

  8. No answer or any live person to talk with. I think this company is a scam. When u do after 5 hours get a person they transfer you and u get hung up on. This is a government program card for ssi. I think reporting them is the only way to. go.

  9. I was issued a new card I called the number on the back of the card every time I enter the card number it keeps saying invalid card number I’m upset cause I’m not able to access my mom benefits these cards isn’t safe I advise no one to get these cards cause when you need help their isn’t anyone at direct express to help but a automated machine it’s poor service

  10. I’ve been trying for days and many hours to activate my new card before the old one expires. I have called the number that it tells you to call and i’m put on hold and nobody ever answers. . I need help.

  11. Total. S impossible to activate hold for hrs my neck hurts I’m screwed if I can’t bills food it’s all I have my SSD unbelievable

  12. Im having the same problem as others. My card expires at the end of the month, and ive been trying to get the new card activated, when i enter the 16 digit card number, it says invalid try again. Then i call customer service and the first time they transferred right back to the automated system??? So i call again and the woman says to wait until the end of the month, then i can activate my new card? Is that correct? Card says to call and activate immediately.

  13. My direct express card will not do online purchases over $10.00 can not get anyone to tell me why when I previously made $2000. purchases

  14. Did directexpress go out of business. . Should I report them as fraud? I am helping my 80 year old legally blind friend and we can’t access his money and can’t activate his card and for 3 weeks all we do is sit on hold for hours and hours.

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