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  1. I lost my direct express card and need a new one as soon as possible. I have been calling 1-888-741-1115 and they keep hanging up on me. how else can I report my card lost?

    1. Hi Caroline,

      I’m sorry to hear about all the issues you are having contacting customer service. We have received a high volume of complaints regarding this today. They seem to be very hard to get in touch with during the beginning of the month because that is when money is deposited into accounts.

  2. I can not get anyone to do anything. There had been a hold on my card. This is crazy. I can’t get my medicine, pay rent or anything. I have faded y’all my info to prove it me and y’all still want do anything. Us my if is expired I can’t get the money off my card to get my if updated. The people here don’t care. I think this company is trying to keep my lonely.

  3. Ive tried calling numerous times. My cards been hacked. After an hour wait the fraud department told me i needed customer service, now Im waiting again. What next? Theyve hung up on me more than once. Worst “service” ever and Im still getting charges I didnt make.

  4. 2 hours 13 minutes on hold with direct express trying to get a new card and change of address. Transferred to the WRONG place TWICE. Never talked to customer service. IM CANCELLING THEM AND GETTING A NEW CARD SOMEWHERE else. Any recommendations for my ssi autopay?

  5. I have lost my card. I called for a new one. The re
    cording said it is sending new card. But it wouldn’t take my change of address. I have moved. I do not have new number. So I need some help.

  6. i havent recieved my replacement card after 3 weeks or so . i was told i would recieve it before the 31st of is now the first of the year i havent seen it and i have bills to pay.

  7. I’ve called and spoken with two different people being brought back from social security twice and still am tring to get a new card

  8. To whom it may concern. I am needing to report my card stolen or lost. I do not know my pin or my card number. I have tried to call to get this reported but cannot get past the pin. Is their a way for me to change my pin by just using my social security number?

  9. My card is expired and I need a new one ASAP! I have called 1-888-741-115 repeatedly and they keep hanging up on me. I cannot access the funds that are on there. How do I get a human to send a new card and talk to me?

  10. well still waiting on my replace card it is going on two months now cannot get a hold of anyone after calling all number and still cannot transfer any money from this account to my bank account try four times i hope they like having money in their pockets know it would be nice to have it also

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