social security direct express card facts

"social security direct express card facts"



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  1. The card doesn’t work I can’t get any help or information and my ssi was supposed to go on it and it never did. No one tell me what the routing or account.number is so I can give it to social security. I don’t know what to do. Awful customer service.

  2. Direct express has mess my daughters cards of so many times they sending a new card out for her December check that I never ordered now been waiting 7 days to get her money that comes on the 3rd of each month after I get her new card in not banking with them anymore this is second time I have had deal with this nothing was wrong with the card I have her money went on in November I don’t recommend banking if you don’t want have sit wait and have changes made that you didn’t do I’m so aggravated this is her Christmas money they screwed up again


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