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  1. IV been on social security disability now for 17 years and in the last past few years seem to be having more and more problems with money being taking from my account and not just once but some times 5 times. Witch I understand were all human but I to yet to see my money back from any of it. Just like now with needing to stay in a hotel that the desk clerk was new and ran my card three times when I only stayed the two nights. Now come on ppl.give me a break. I don’t get much every month so when stuff like this happen , im not joken, I need that money back on my account. Now this time if it’s not there I will be find an attorney to find out what my next actions I will do next. I have kept every time this has happened a paper statements from your office so I can assure u that this time that money will be back onto my account.


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