Sign up for Social Security Direct Deposit

Anyone receiving Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, VA, or other federal benefit payments must now get their payments electronically, according to a law passed by Congress. As a result, the Social Security administration is no longer mailing checks to beneficiaries. However, it’s easy to receive your Social Security benefit by Direct Deposit. In this post, we will walk you through […]

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Direct Express Investigations

"Direct Express Investigations"

Are you a Direct Express cardholder and are a victim of fraud? Do you need help filing a dispute with the Direct Express dispute resolution department? Are you wondering how Direct Express investigations work? We can help. In this post, we will detail the growing incidence of fraud with Direct Express Cardholders. We will provide examples of Direct Express investigations […]

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Direct Express Lawsuits

"Direct Express Lawsuits"

Are you a Direct Express cardholder and are frustrated with the level of service you are receiving? Have you been a victim of fraud with your debit card and did not get a satisfactory response from the Dispute Resolution department? You are not alone. In fact, there are thousands of frustrated cardholders like you. Some have even filed Direct Express […]

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How to Close Your Direct Express Card Account

"Want to Close Your Direct Express Account?"

Are you frustrated with Direct Express Customer Service, Dispute Resolution or fraudulent activity and want to know if you can close your direct express account? The answer is Yes, you can take your money and cancel your card. Read below to learn how. In this post, we will review the top reasons why cardholders are closing their Direct Express card […]

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Can I transfer money from my Direct Express card?

"Can I transfer money from my Direct Express card?"

If you have a Direct Express account and are wondering what the rules are around Direct Express money transfer to another bank account, we can help you. In this post, we will review in detail the Direct Express funds transfer policy. You will learn the rules around money transfer to a United States bank account and a bank account abroad. […]

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Direct Express Pending Deposits (What it Means)

"Direct Express Pending Deposits Dates and Times"

One question we often get from our readers is a request for an explanation regarding Direct Express Pending Deposits. If you are receiving your government benefits on Direct Express debit card, knowing exactly when your money is available helps. In this post, we will review the Social Security’s policy around electronic deposits, direct express pending deposit dates, and the Social […]

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Direct Express Contact Number

"Direct Express Contact Phone Number"

Last updated on 12/01/20 If you are one of the 4.5 million Americans who have signed up for the US Direct Express Debit MasterCard to receive your federal benefits (Social Security and Supplemental Security Income, VA Compensation or Pension and RRB Annuity and OPM benefits) – and would like to contact Customer Service, we have the information you need: In this […]

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Comerica bank direct express card

"Comerica bank direct express card"

Comerica is a financial services company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They are strategically aligned into three major business segments: the Business Bank, the Retail Bank, and Wealth Management. Treasury received competitive applications from over a dozen banks in response to the request for nationwide debit card services and was pleased with the excellent qualifications of the applicants. Comerica Bank […]

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Direct Express Card Fees Schedule

"Direct Express Card Fees Schedule"

The Direct Express Debit MasterCard is issued by the United States Treasury Department through it’s Financial Management Service (FMS) division. The card is used to pay Social Security and Supplemental Security Income, VA Compensation or Pension and RRB Annuity and OPM (Federal Retirement) benefits. Even though the card issued by the Federal Government, like any prepaid card, it comes with fees and […]

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