Social Security Payment Schedule 2017

If you’ve just been approved for Social Security benefits or have been receiving Social Security benefits for a while and would like to know the Payment Schedule 2017, you’ve come to the right place. Just like we have done for 2016, we are sharing the 2017 schedule, which we pulled directly from the Social Security Administration’s website. See below for the full calendar. Many people look at the schedule below and are confused by how it all works. We can help. Here’s what you need to know:

Your payment date depends on when you started your social security benefits. Look at the image below for more details on the Social Security Payment Schedule 2017:

"Social Security Payment Schedule 2016"

As you can see, if you started getting benefits before April 30, 1997, the deposit schedule for your Social Security is pretty simple. You get your money on the third of each month. However, if you get both Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), then you will get your SSI payment on the first of each month and your social security on the third of the month.

If you started to get benefits after May, 1997, then your deposit schedule gets a little more complicated, based on when your birthday falls on the month as explained in the image above. You could be getting your money the second wednesday, the third wednesday or the fourth Wednesday of the month. All that information is put together in the schedule below.

Social Security Payment Schedule 2017

"Social Security Payment Schedule 2017"

You can also download it in PDF format here.

In the rare situation where your payment does not get deposited, you should allow three days to pass after your payment date before you contact Social Security. Missed payments do not usually happen so the Social Security Administration would like you to wait a few days before you call them since it may be just a delay on your bank’s end. If you are still having problems getting your payment on time, then please tell us in the comments section below. There may be someone else who has experienced the same issue before and may have found a solution to it.



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