Top Social Security Questions Answered by Video

Do you have Social Security Questions? Social Security is a complicated system with lots of rules. Even for those receiving benefits, there are still questions about ongoing benefit amounts, increases, how long the program will be around, and what Congress may or may not be doing to protect Social Security Benefits. If you are new to Social Security or are getting ready to apply, we also have videos below that answer your questions. Scroll through the videos below. We are positive you will find a video that answers a question you already have or addresses a topic you did not know about.

Social Security Questions Answered

The Ten-Question Social Security Quiz

The video below is one of our favorites because it tests your knowledge about social security. Mass Mutual Life Insurance distributed a 10-question true/false quiz on Social Security to 1,500 adults. Only 28% received a passing grade, and only ONE person got all ten questions right. See if you can get all 10 questions correct.

How Does Social Security Really Work?

This video does a great job of providing you with how social security works, including how it got started, changes over the years with retirement age, benefit amount and how other categories of people (spouses, children, people with disability) have been added to the program over the years.

How to Maximize My Social Security Income

This is a long video, but worth it. You will learn a ton and you will be glad you did. The video goes into strategies on how to maximize your social security income and how you can prepare yourself to take get the maximum benefit.

We will be posting more useful videos as we find them, so check back regularly on this page to see our new content of relevant videos on social security benefits, including any changes or legislation that may be in the pipeline or about to take effect that may impact your benefits.