"The 13 States that Tax Social Security"

Which States tax Social Security benefits in 2020?

Social Security Benefits may be taxable both at the federal and state level. Whether your benefits will be taxed depends on your combined income (federal taxes) and the state you live in (state taxes). In this post, we will highlight the 13 states that tax Social Security benefits.

"Which states tax Social Security benefits"

Are Social Security Taxed?

As explained in detail in this post, up to 85% of your Social Security benefits can be taxed by the federal government.

In addition, if you live in select states, your benefits are subject to state taxes.

13 states have some form of income tax on Social Security benefits.

Even if your benefits are not subject to federal taxes, they could still be subject to state income taxes — and vice versa, depending on your combined income and the state you live in.

Which states tax Social Security benefits?

Here is the list of the states that tax Social Security Benefits:

No, Social Security Benefits are NOT Taxed Yes, Social Security Benefits ARE TAXED
Alabama x
Alaska x
Arizona x
Arkansas x
California x
Colorado x
Connecticut x
Delaware x
District of Columbia x
Florida x
Georgia x
Hawaii x
Idaho x
Illinois x
Indiana x
Iowa x
Kansas x
Kentucky x
Louisiana x
Maine x
Maryland x
Massachusetts x
Michigan x
Minnesota x
Mississippi x
Missouri x
Montana x
Nevada x
New Hampshire x
New Jersey x
New Mexico x
New York x
North Carolina x
North Dakota x
Ohio x
Oklahoma x
Oregon x
Pennsylvania x
Rhode Island x
South Carolina x
South Dakota x
Tennessee x
Texas x
Utah x
Vermont x
Virginia x
Washington x
West Virginia x
Wisconsin x
Wyoming x

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