15 comments on “Direct Express Login
  1. John Ashworth says:

    I can not rebemer my emeal on file

  2. alishia white says:

    I can not login to my account, please help me to locate my account information.

  3. Linda Polzin says:

    I have the Direct Express Debit MasterCard. It is already linked to my PayPal account, but I want to be able to link my Direct Express bank account to Paypal as well but I can’t do it unless I have the acct. # and routing information for the bank-I think it’s CoAmerica? Could you tell me where to find that information, or possibly give me that information in an email? My email address is listed above. Thank you!

  4. roberta ewen says:

    i am trying to log into my account but i seem to be getting the run around

  5. juan gallegos says:

    hard to login

  6. Trying to log in to my account to copy my account for Ky. Health and family services

  7. Jennifer says:

    Can I use my card to setup zutomatic bill pay for my rent?

  8. why can’t we use our cards at the gas pump and not have to go into the store to have it scanned

  9. juli perry says:

    I can’t get into my account. I know nothing about it and always mess it up

  10. Deanna says:

    I need to see my purchases sheet of all things I purchased

  11. Deanna says:

    I need the bank info where the card comes from , please

  12. George Hart says:

    Direct Express sent me a reset temporary password but it takes me to a page that says to put my “alias” in to a picture of a dog.

    This is confusing and I cannot log on with temporary password

    Any suggestions?

  13. marvin Statler says:

    I need to talk to a live person to get my login in account straighten out! or told where to go or call. This crazy spending two hours answering questions to be told Im wrong!

  14. whats going on!?!?!?! why cant I log into my account! ?!?! keeps sending me to a page that says it doesn’t exist anymore. …. CHANGE IT BACK TO THE OLD VERSION!!!! STOP TRYING TO NAKE TE WEBSITE BETTER CAUSE YOUR MESSING IT UP!!! JUST LEAVE IT ALONE PLEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!!!!

  15. Patricia Wilson says:

    I need to be able to remove an account off my name

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