"Direct Express App Review"

Before you download the app, read our Direct Express App Review. If you don’t already know, the Direct Express card now comes with a mobile application on both Google Android devices and on iOS for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. See our full review below on what you need to know and whether the app is worth downloading.

"Direct Express App Review"

What the Direct Express App Does

The mobile application allows you to do three main functions:

Manage Your Account

With the Mobile app, you can manage your direct express account over the phone. This includes checking your balance, viewing your transaction history, like any deposits of your benefits that may have come in. One neat feature is that you can create an alert to send you a text message when a deposit is made into your account. This is important for those who need to know with certainty that their benefits has been deposited into their account on time. If you are one of those people with bills scheduled to come out of your account and need to know that your money is in, then you will like this feature very much.

Find ATMs

The next important feature that comes with the mobile app is the ability to find the nearest Direct Express ATM near you. If you are one of those people that hate ATM fees, then finding the nearest free ATM for Direct Express is a feature you are going to like on the mobile application. Just as a reminder, the image below shows you the direct express ATM network and how to avoid surcharges.



The app also comes with PayPerks, which allows you to get familiar with the direct express card and discover ways to use your card that earn chances to win cash prices and rewards.

Here are some more images from the app. Next, we answer the question of whether you should download the app or not.

"Direct Express iphone ipad app"  "Direct Express Android App''

Is it worth Downloading the Direct Express App?

Our answer is YES! Given the problems some cardholders have had trying to contact customer service for simple tasks like checking available balance, reviewing transactions or finding out about a deposit, downloading the mobile app puts all these functions at your finger tips. Also, the alert function helps you stay on top of your money and know immediately when your Social Security or SSI benefits have been deposited into your account. And finally, the “Find ATMs” feature is a very convenient reason to download the app, because it saves you money.

How to Download the App

To download the mobile app, you must have a smart phone. It is best to download apps when you have wifi access, so that you are not using your data plan. If you have an Android phone, click here to download the android app. If you have an iPhone or iPad, click here to download the Apple iOS app.

Do you currently use the Direct Express app? What are your thoughts on the app? Tell us in the comments section below.



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