Advantages of the Direct Express Debit Card

As of March 2013, all Social Security payments from the U.S. Treasury are done through direct deposit or with the Direct Express Debit Card. The Direct Express card has many advantages:

Direct express

The Direct Express card enables users to get their payments fast. The money is transferred straight from the Treasury to your Direct Express card account. You can be notified when your money is in your account through phone, text, or email. To sign up for these free services visit and log into your card account.

Getting payments to your Direct Express Card is safe and secure. All money that is loaded onto your debit card is insured by the FDIC.

Your Direct Express debit card is convenient and easy to use. Direct Express can be used anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted. The card is able to be used for online purchases as well as gas, groceries, and any other shopping you might do. You can get cash back while shopping or at the ATM. Paying bills online and purchasing money orders are also among the many advantages of the Direct Express debit card.

There are little to to no fees with the Direct Express Debit Card. Most of the services offered by Direct Express are free however, if you want additional services, there are some available for a small monthly fee. To learn more about additional service visit