Replace lost or stolen direct express card

 How your Direct Express card is protected.

If you use your debit card at an ATM, you will be required to enter your PIN. If you make purchases at stores, restaurants or any other merchant, the use of your PIN is optional. When asked if “debit” or “credit”, select “credit” to make a purchase without using your PIN. You will need to sign a receipt.

Lost or stolen direct express card

To Protect your PIN.

  • Choose a PIN that you can memorize easily
  • Make sure it is difficult for someone to guess
  • Avoid writing down your PIN
  • Never give out your PIN to anyone.

If your Direct Express card is lost or stolen.

—If your Direct Express Card is lost or stolen, immediately call the Direct Express card Customer Service Department. A customer service representative will assist you and a new card will be sent to you. There are  card fees that may apply. Generally, if you call right away to report that your card is lost or stolen, you will not lose funds deducted from your card by an unauthorized user and your Social Security benefits will be protected. A fee of $4.00 will be charged for a replacement of a lost or stolen direct express card after one free.

Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and handles calls related to:

  • Reporting lost or stolen cards
  • Balance inquiries
  • PIN changes
  • Transaction history requests
  • Registering a complaint about a card issue
  • Questions about card usage
  • Questions about international card usage

For any questions, customers can call Direct Express at:

—     Customer Service: 1-888-741-1115

—     Hearing impaired: 1-866-569-0447

—     International: 1-765-778-6290 (Collect)

Write to Direct Express:

Direct Express, Payment Processing Services
P.O. Box 245998
San Antonio, TX 78224-5998

Comerica Bank offers customer service in both English and Spanish through its automated telephone service and through its customer service representatives. Callers may choose to speak with a customer service representative in either language. Comerica Bank also has the ability to communicate with customers in almost any language.

Lost or stolen direct express card

Money protection in the case of a stolen card.

—Your liability for unauthorized transactions is limited if your card is timely reported to Comerica Bank as lost or stolen. Under the federal law known as Regulation E, cardholders who dispute a transaction within 2 business days of learning of the loss or theft cannot be held liable for more than $50. Those who dispute a charge within 60 days cannot be held liable for more than $500. The US Treasury was able to negotiate an additional one month cushion for Direct Express cardholders so that Direct Express cardholders have 90 days to report any unauthorized transactions and not be liable for more than $500.

Mastercard’s Zero Liability Policy.

—Under MasterCard’s policies, Comerica Bank cannot hold you liable in the event of an unauthorized use of your U.S.-issued Debit MasterCard card. This coverage applies to purchases made in a store, over the telephone, or online. Zero Liability protection is provided under the following conditions: a) Your account is in good standing, b) You have exercised reasonable care in safeguarding your card, and c) You have not reported two or more unauthorized events in the past 12 months. Zero liability does not apply if a PIN is used as the cardholder verification method for the unauthorized transaction(s). It only applies to signature based transactions. Visit MasterCard’s website for more details.



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