The Best Way to Contact Direct Express

Direct Express cardholders have complained about how long it takes to contact Direct Express over the phone and speak to a live person. If you read the comments and reviews on this post, you will see that this is a very common and frustrating problem.

The question we keep getting asked is this: What is the best way to contact Direct Express?

If you are frustrated trying to reach Direct Express customer service, try our two-step process below:

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This post will cover the following:

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  • The Best Way to Contact Direct Express
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"The Best Way to Contact Direct Express"

Top Direct Express Complaints

The biggest frustration cardholders have with Direct Express is that it takes a long time to speak to a live person.

Meanwhile, cardholders have time-sensitive issues that need immediate attention.

Therefore, even though we have provided detailed instructions and tips on how to speak to a human, cardholders are unhappy because it takes too long to get someone on the phone.

Some of the urgent issues they need resolved are the following:

Fraudulent Charges

The number one issue Direct Express cardholder call customer service for is fraudulent charges on their debit card.

This requires immediate attention for two reasons:

First, the cardholder who is a victim of fraud wants to begin the process of getting their money back quickly.

Most Direct Express cardholders are on a fixed income and having someone take money from their account illegally means they are going to have less money to pay bills.

Second, it’s urgent that they report the issue to customer service so that the card can be shut off and a new one issued, so that the problem will not continue.

When they are unable to reach customer service, it means that not only do they have to live on less of their income but there is a chance the fraud could continue since the card is still active.

Replacement Card

The other source of frustration is how hard it is to get a live person on the phone to order a placement Direct Express card.

When your card is lost, stolen or misplaced – or you are a victim of fraud, getting a replacement card quickly is important.

That is because, without the card, you are unable to use the money on your Direct Express card to make purchases.

Long Wait to Reach Live Person

Some cardholders have reported spending all-day trying to speak to a human. Others have tried calling multiple times over several days and still can’t reach a live person.

The Best Way to Contact Direct Express

Here is our recommendation on the best way to contact Direct Express customer service department: We recommend a two-step process to be sure of success.

Step 1: Write them a Letter

First, write them a letter. Yes, we want you to write a letter and mail it.

Think about it, if you have an urgent issue, like fraud on your account or you need a replacement card and have been waiting days to get someone on the phone, why not write them a letter first, while you try to get them on the phone?

There are two advantages to writing them a letter:

First, you will get your issue resolved faster. If you have fraud on your account or need a replacement card, rather than waiting days to get someone on the phone, send a letter so they can get started on your issue while you try to get someone on the phone.

Second, make sure your letter has tracking (use priority mail with signature confirmation or certified mail through the post office).

With tracking, you will then be confident that they received your letter and are working on it.

Here is where to mail your letter:

Direct Express Payment Processing Services.
P.O. Box 245998
San Antonio, TX 78224-5998

Step 2: Contact them via Phone

In addition to sending them a letter in the mail, you should try and get someone on the phone.

You can call customer service at the following numbers:

  • Customer Service: 1-888-741-1115
  • Hearing-impaired: 1-866-569-0447
  • International: 1-765-778-6290 (Collect)

You need patience when contacting Direct Express by phone as we have mentioned.

However, while you are working to get someone on the phone, you at least know you mailed them a letter.

Questions about Social Security

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We encourage you to post any questions you have about Direct Express in the comments section below.

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Direct Express Card Help
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 28 reviews
Oct 7, 2021
 by Joe Vigil
deniable customer service

It is with anger, frustrations, and hopelessness, i write about the nations biggest fraud. Direct express is not able to uphold the contractible service they agreed to. My understanding in working within and for the government is a service provider must provide timely concise and professional support of services rendered. Now I must ask whom, is the service adviser for the direct express contract within the government appropriations that over sees active contracts (procurement.) Why should Americans living on meger funds meager funds be so completely discounted by not being able to access the funding source of THIER FUNDS. It is vary obvious that our nations people are suffering through the pandemic. to further exuberate their financial burdens buy not being able to speak to a live individfual in a apporoerate manner. Most of the individual that recieve Direct Express cards have no concept to using a internet service nor evn own a PC, laptop, tablet which will EVEN THEN individuals are not able to seek answers to financial issuers. This is not the America values i or others were taught to HONOR, RESPECT ELDERS ,INDFURMEND, AND MARGINALIZED. The ability to honor those who could stand a little understanding and compassion i was taught to help LIGHTEN OTHERS BURDONS. The disregarding of basic human morality is not in evedince at this time wqith this service provider. i want someone at this company to prove myself and others wrong at this time. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT CAN BE DONE. "Always follow the money" as the saying goes is the precipitance for this issue is this Direct Express the service wants the residual profit but not the RESPONSABLIY TO PROVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Having read others review's regarding the company has not been supportive that it is a quality company. i am ashamend tghat for so long now no one in government has not investigated this inadequate company nor continue to do business with this abhorrent company.
Respectfully Submitted,
Los Lunas New Mexico

Oct 7, 2021
 by Edwin Morales

People do not bother with this cart. Cannot transfer money from your account. NO access to my own money. Called customer service 4 days multiple times and after multiple menus they just cut the call off. I cannot see how an elderly veteran can deal with this people. As soon as figure out how to get rid of this is gone. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL. Problem is they know they are terrible and seem they do not care.

Oct 7, 2021
 by Antonio K. Goins

I have been unable to reach customer service to obtain a replacement cards and I have funds available PLEASE HELP !!!

Mar 22, 2021
 by Rhonda Conroy
Pony Express Would Be Faster

$987.44 in fraudulent purchases made on my card. Ive reported this to D. E., cancelled the card. paid $13.00 for a new card. Called the stores purchases were made at, had them pull the videos of the purchases. Made a police report in the city I live in and one of the cities were the purchases were made. Which neither PD wanted to make the report. Both said out of their jurisdiction. Been waiting for over a week for D,.E. to send me the Affidavit to fill out and return to them so they can start their investigation. Was on hold for 20 mins. yesterday got disconnected. Today Ive been on hold for over an hour and finally got to talk to Jiovanni told him the situation. He said yes Im sorry , Yes I understand, I will just transfer you over to someone in that department. that was 30 mins ago , Im still on hold. WTF??? This is my SS benefits that SS deposits my benefits on to the D.E. card. Were talking almost $1,000 that I need to live on. The card never left my possession, so how does someone get the info. to use the card. Especially since the card has a chip? Which is suppose to be a double security measure. Tell me this isnt an inside job. And since this is SS, this makes this a Federal case. Im wondering if SS knows how lousy D.E. is in handling customers? I think if enough people complained and made SS aware , that they might just start using another company and give them the business. D.E. clearly cares nothing about us. This is absolutely the worst of the worst. they need to have their business license taken away, and never be able to go in business again. Right now Im stressed even more so, since this money was to pay my bills with. and nothing is being done to get that $ back into my use. DISGUSTING, PITTIFUL AND WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS. BAD BAD

Jan 1, 2021
 by Susan dingg
customer service sucks

This has got to bs the most horrible customwr service ever.. For 2 hours ( or more) , i have been trying to reach someonw to no avail.. My card is locked and i have no access to my finds and cannot pay biills.. I will definately be getting rid of this institution.. They dont even deserve a rating ,only a big fat "O"!!!

Nov 18, 2020
Awful wait times

The simple fact is no matter when you call you have over 2 hours of waiting and then if you are lucky someone might pick up otherwise disconnect you and you wait another 2 plus hours. why?????

Nov 18, 2020
 by Curtis Evans
Simple activation

I have been trying to activate my ATM card for well over a MONTH. I have called and called with success. The recording just continues and continues......I waiting 1 hour and 21 minutes yesterday (11/3/2020).

This is outrageous, and I need my money

Sep 3, 2020
 by C. Delap

I'd give them a minus 10 * is it was on there. Totally useless and it's almost criminal that Social inSecurity pushes them when in truth, any bank that you currentlty have would be 1000x better. You don't need DE for anything, unless you can't get a bank account.

Here's the main issue, other than the normal ones, no help from DE, can't contact them, if they finally answer, you still have to jump through all these hoops, answer this, that, and then maybe be put on hold for ever, or even have to start over cause someone else picked up the line. OK, my friend passed away and somehow DE knew about that, immediately took the money that was in her account (only a couple hundred bucks), money that had been there for 2-3 months because she always left the same minimum amount in there. So now she's passed so they don't have to answer to anyone about that money. Fucking thieves. I bet they do this to everyone as quick as they can. Damn bank is total trash. But then, most banks are.
Don't know what to do to help her son now that they have stolen her money.

Sep 3, 2020
 by William Kerst
Company card issue

I will try my best to help someone that is mentally challenged. I have been trying to reach someone in customer service to activate a new card. After waiting several times One 1h 49 min, two 1 hour 30 min three 1 hr. 46 min and today starting at :6:45 CT I waited 2 hr. and 10 min
After reaching Adell I was told she could not do anything even after she verified us. I want you to know I will try my best to make sure that any person receiving a disability use a different company to receive their money. Terrible customer service.

Sep 3, 2020
 by wease jan walling
security number?

the automated voice says to enter my 4 diget number, i only have 3 numbers!!!So it say i've tried to many times, call later. trying to get this done for 5 hours so far.. HELP PLEASE

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  • My card information was hacked and my social disability check was atm’d in Prarie du sheen Minnesota, I was promised replacement card expedited 3 to 5 business days, I have recently started Kemo treatments and would be homeless if not for landlords good nature. My jeep payment is not made and there is no heat money, food money, or gas money to get to hospital for additional treatments. It has been 12 calendar days and no replacement card or dispute papers. I was at my part time job with card in my possession when the money was stolen. it takes hours on hold just to be lied to! Surely corporate rules do not supersede HUMAN LIFE!!!!