Can I transfer money from my Direct Express card?

If you have a Direct Express account and are wondering what the rules are around Direct Express money transfer to another bank account, we can help you.

In this post, we will review in detail the Direct Express funds transfer policy.

You will learn the rules around money transfer to a United States bank account and a bank account abroad.

This Post about Direct Express Money Transfer will cover:

  • Can I transfer money to a checking or savings account?
  • Can I Transfer Money to a Non-U.S Bank?
  • Direct Express FAQs

"Direct Express Money Transfer"

Direct Express Money Transfer Policy

Here are the rules that govern all Direct express Money transfers:

Can I transfer money to a checking or savings account?

Yes, you can transfer money from your Direct Express account to a personal U.S. bank account. This includes a checking or savings account with a bank or credit union.

However, there is a fee for this service. Direct Express will charge you a fee of $1.50 each time you transfer money from your account.

This fee will be deducted from your Direct Express card account.

To initiate a transfer, call the Direct Express Card Express Customer Service Department number on the back of your card or visit the website here.

Can I Transfer Money to my Direct Express card?

This is one of the most frustrating issues with Cardholders.

They would like to know if they can add their own money to the Direct Express card account as you can do with any bank debit card account.
Unfortunately, the answer is No. You cannot deposit personal funds onto your Direct Express card.
Your Direct Express card is designed to only accept funds paid to you by the United States federal government. This includes the following government benefits:
"Can I Transfer Money to my Direct Express card?"

Can I Transfer Money to a Non-U.S Bank?

While you can transfer money from your account to a United States-based bank account, unfortunately, you cannot transfer money to a bank account outside the U.S.

Direct Express currently does not have the capability in place to allow you to transfer funds to a bank or credit union account outside the United States.

Direct Express FAQs

Here are five (5) of the top questions we get about the everyday use of the Direct Express card:

Can I Close my Direct Express Card Account?

Yes, you can close your Direct Express card account at any time at no charge by calling the Direct Express card Customer Service Department.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The number to call is 1 (888) 741-1115.

However, before closing your Direct Express card account, you will need to separately enroll in direct deposit with your local federal benefit agency.

This will ensure that you avoid any delays with receiving future benefit payments.

To enroll in direct deposit, contact your local federal benefit agency or visit Godirect.

What if my card balance or transaction amount is incorrect?.

If you have a question about your balance or a transaction, you should immediately call the Direct Express Customer Service Department.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The number to call is 1 (888) 741-1115.

The customer service representative will provide you further instructions on how to dispute a transaction or balance on your card.

If my card is lost or stolen, is my money protected?

Your Direct Express debit card comes with protection against unauthorized use.

If you experience fraudulent or unauthorized use of your card, here’s what you need to know.

Your liability for unauthorized transactions is limited if your card is reported timely to Direct Express as lost or stolen.

Under the federal law, cardholders who dispute a transaction within 2 business days of learning of the loss or theft cannot be held liable for more than $50.

Those who dispute a charge within 60 days cannot be held liable for more than $500.

For Direct Express cardholders, this deadline is stretched to 90 days.

Therefore, you have 90 days to report any unauthorized transactions and not be liable for more than $500.

Can a retailer block or put a hold on my Direct Express account?

The answer depends on the type of transaction you are trying to perform.

In some cases, a merchant may place a “hold” on a debit or credit card account in an amount to cover the entire estimated cost of the transaction.

This hold may last up to up to 72 hours.

This practice is typically used by hotels, rental car companies, gas stations, and other merchants who block in advance for more than the actual cost of the transaction.

If you are using one of the merchants listed above, then there is a possibility that they may place a hold on a certain amount on your card.

This amount may sometimes be more than your transaction amount.

However, once the hold is released, typically within 72 hours, the actual amount of the transaction is charged to your account.

During the time of the hold, they may take out more than the transaction amount.

You will have to wait for the transaction to be settled (change from “pending” status) in order to get the difference back into your account.

Can funds on my debit card account be garnished by creditors?

Social Security benefit payments are generally protected from garnishment under federal law.

This means that your creditors do not have the right to have these funds taken out of your account.

However, there are some exceptions:

Funds in your Direct Express account can be taken to satisfy child support or alimony obligations you owe.

Supplemental Security Income benefits are not subject to garnishment of any kind.

If you have questions about a creditor’s right to remove funds from your account, contact your federal paying agency or your local legal aid organization.

Direct Express Customer Service

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