"Direct Express Website Down Right Now?"

Direct Express Website Down Right Now?

Are you trying to login to your Direct Express account online but the Direct Express website is down or not loading up? Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1 – Confirm that Website is down

You will save a lot of time and frustration by confirming that the website is indeed down and not working. If you are trying to access the site via a desktop computer, then trying login in via a smart phone or tablet with the wifi turned off. You want to make sure this problem has nothing to do with your own internet connection or network. Similarly, if you are trying to log in via phone or tablet, then try logging in with a desktop computer. If you still cannot access the site, then there is a problem. You should then call customer service.

Step 2 – Call Direct Express Customer Service

Call customer service to find out what the issue is with the Direct Express Website and the estimated time when they think it will be back up and running. Since the website is down, chances are everyone is calling customer service so you should probably be patient if you cannot get through to them immediately. Also, on any given day, cardholders have reported that it is very hard getting hold of customer service and speaking to a human. We therefore expect that your hold time when the website is down is even going to be longer.

Step 3 – Check Social Media

One of the ways to confirm whether the site is down or when it will be back up is to check social media and see what other cardholders are saying. You should be able to find information online by going to Twitter or Facebook and typing in the hashtag #direct express. That should pull up any current posts about direct express. You may be able to also see an update directly from direct express. Here is their Twitter page.

Use Mobile App as Alternative

"Direct Express Website"

If the Direct Express website is down, you may be able to use the Direct Express Mobile Application, which we have reviewed here and highly recommend to cardholders. It is unusual for the website and the app to be both down at the same time so if you cannot access the site via desktop computer or mobile phone or tablet, you should try downloading the mobile application and logging in that way.

Have you been trying to log into your direct express account and found out the website is down? Did you call customer service? Did you try using the mobile app? Share your experience with us below in the comments section.



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One thought on “Direct Express Website Down Right Now?

  1. Cant log into Direct express using Microsoft edge, internet explore, google, firefox, since I upgraded to windows10. Thee phone number provided is useless It has no Options for live person contact You cannot speak to a live person since that option is not available, Thee internet is thee only way to look up account information BUT since I have not been able to log onto direct express or speak to a LIVE person at direct express I am very concerned I have tried contacting commerce but they said the could not assist me in anyway they JUST said contact direct express by phone, I did inform commerce I have tried to contact direct express by phone and email But Nothing has availed. I even tried logging onto direct express with a different computer using windows 7 and windows8.1 even tried my wifes cell phone and the galaxy tablet my Labtop NOTHINg WORKS, NOT sure what else to do, since I can not speak to a live person and thee 888 number provided does not offer any options for customer service REPS, And thee other problem is when I call thee number I get a message all lines are busy PLEASE call back later and phone hangs up. Why is there no OPTION for live customer service assistance. But I still prefer thee direct express Card JUST needs some REVISIONS and better customer service, PLEASE update thee website get it working properly and ADD option on call menu for Live customer service. Very stressed out concerned about my direct express account TO whom can I speak to and get results.

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