Direct Express Card Not Working?

If you find your Direct Express Card not working, there may be two reasons why. This articles will help you look into all two and what to do about it to get your card back up and working again:

"Direct Express Card Not Working"

Direct Express Card Not Working?

Reason #1 – Fraudulent or Suspicious Transactions

The most likely reason why your Direct Express Card is not working is due to fraudulent or suspicious transactions on your card. When Direct Express detects that there has been suspicious transactions on your debit card, they may temporarily block all new transactions on the card until they speak with you to determine what is going on with the card. You will have to call  them and answer questions about activity on the card before they will unblock it. If they don’t get a hold of you quickly or you don’t contact them for a period of time, your card may be canceled all together as a precaution. You will then have to call them to get a replacement card. To speak to Direct Express customer service about why your card is not working, call the number below:



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  1. I didn’t get my $107 bucks back on my card it been a while know I really need to fine out Why so can you let me know please

  2. My card never came and money was added to a card I never received call and go hung up on where my card and need my money

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