Direct Express Debit Card Complaints

We have been writing about the Direct Express card since 2013 and during this time, we have heard Direct Express Debit Card Complaints from our readers.

Here are the top complaints we usually hear and what to do about it:

"Direct Express Debit Card Complaints"

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The short video below explains the top complaints about the Direct Express Debit card and what you can do about them.

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Top Direct Express Debit Card Complaints

Here are some of the top complaints about the Direct Express Card.

Hard to Reach Customer Service

We have written about how to reach Direct Express Customer Service and how to speak to a live person.

If you read the comments section of the post, especially the Facebook comments below the article, you will find that cardholders are having a hard time getting help from customer service.

Not only is it hard to get someone on the phone but even when you do, they are sometimes not helpful, which increases the frustration of our readers.

If you want tips on how to get your issues resolved, read our comments section on customer service.

You will learn about tricks and tips other cardholders have used to get their issues resolved

Frustrations with Card Replacement

Another issue that our readers have repeatedly complained about is the process for getting a card replacement.

As you can imagine, when you lose your debit card, you want to get a replacement sent quickly so you are able to make purchases and pay for things you need to buy.

We have an article on how to get your expired/lost or stolen card replaced here.

However, what we have found is that it takes too long for people to get their replacement cards and sometimes.

Most people would like to be given a tracking number so they can track their card in the mail but that is often not the case.

How long it takes for Dispute Resolution

When you have a dispute about charges on your card, it’s very cumbersome to get through that process.

When you call customer service, you would expect that they will take down your information and what transactions you are trying to dispute, the circumstances of the issue – and then they will look into it.

That’s not what happens with Direct Express dispute resolution.

They will mail you a packet for you to complete, which you then have to mail or fax to them.

That’s when things get lost and some customers have to refile the same complaints, hoping that Direct Express receives their complaint/dispute packet and investigates the issue promptly.

For more complaints about Direct Express, see Consumer Affairs’ list of complaints here.

Direct Express Debit Card Complaints Summary

We hope you found our post on Direct Express Debit Card Complaints informative.

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10 thoughts on “Direct Express Debit Card Complaints”

  1. Hii This is Debra Henderson i have problem with cards i am on ssdi i went to the store to get some foods before blizzard and it declined i was very upset i have enough money in there.. but why it wont approved?? i tried online one item and not working.. yesterday i called direct express four times they keep disconnected and i called again this morning and same thing disconnected.. i need to know what s happen to card?? please let me know

  2. n October 21st my debit card was stolen by a man that stopped by my house. I had known him less than a week. First only half the monies were paid due to my being blocked from the website once my credit card was canceled. I had a CSR assist me and she only gave me half the transactions. Upon further review I found that there was $1800 above and beyond the initial transactions. I have been waiting all this time for my money. I need this money now as I am on a fixed income but today I was informed that my dispute has been denied.

    I have dealt with rude customer service reps and now I’m being told that I am a thief because I live in Columbus and the card was used in Columbus. Columbus isn’t a small town with a couple of roads so it doesn’t even make sense to assume since it was used in Columbus that I was using it. Between the way I was treated and also discriminated against due to my mental disability, I am quite dissatisfied with DirectExpress and their services.

    After waiting this long and to find out that the fraud department did not even investigate has me extremely angry. The videos were not requested from the bankst the police were not contacted and the report number was provided to Direct Express. After speaking to the police department, I was advised that it was illegal to accuse another person of a crime with no proof and it is definitely illegal to discriminate due to a mental disability. They know the person that did steal the card and money but he’s dead. He used my money for drugs and overdosed. They did find a large amount of money on him.

    With all the time spent on this I would assume the fraud department would’ve had all their facts in order and would not be making decisions on guess work or assumptions.
    So they are allowed to steal my money on a bunch of assumptions that don’t even make sense and lies.

    This fiasco has caused my bills to be paid late, late fees and has damaged my credit I was trying to rebuild. I have spent too much time being anxious and stressed. I have been accused of being a thief. I WANT MY MONEY

  3. went to the credit union to drew money off my card i left 15 dollars for my transaction the ATM just run on for awhile then gives show where it took 240 off my card but give me no money . i went inside to check and see what to do they said to call DirectExpress i come home spent the rest of the day calling only to get hung up on , i called the next day and got hold of someone who transferred to clams , The woman there was rude but said she would send out a clam packet that was last friday here it is wed and still no packet.

  4. I am tired of the pending pending pending just take the money!!!!!!. A bank tells me it is taken out but it is not taken out. It is messing up my ACCOUNT and I can’t spend any of my money until you take the money NO PENDING NO PENDING JUST TAKE THE MONEY

  5. I try to pay bills with my direct express card it declines it but there is funds on it! When I customer service for find out what up with the card they Say everything is fine on their end.

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