How to do a Direct Express Address Change

If you are currently receiving Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits electronically via the Direct Express Debit card and would like to change the address on your card due to a move or whatever reason, we can help you:

 Direct Express Address Change

If you move and want to replace the address on file for your direct express card, you should visit the Direct Express Card Website and login to your account. Here is How:

Step 1:

Visit click on “Login to Your Card Account”. You will be taken to a page like the one below. You will be asked to first enter your User ID (if you don’t remember, the User ID is the login ID you set up when you signed up for your card. It consist of 6 to 8 alphanumeric characters). If you don’t remember your User ID, you should click on the “Forgot User Id?” link and you will he able to retrieve it using your card number.

"Direct Express Address Change"

Step 2:

Once you successfully login, you will be able to change your address under the account information. If you need further help, you can call customer service at 1 (888) 741-1115 (toll-free) and a representative will be able to assist you. Be sure to have your card information ready when you call.

NOTE: You will need to separately notify the Social Security Administration about your change of address. Comerica Bank, which operates the Direct Express card program does not provide this information to any federal agency so you will have to do that on your own.

And that is how you do a Direct Express address change. We hope that was helpful. If you have any comments or questions, you can post them below.



3 thoughts on “How to do a Direct Express Address Change”

  1. I tried to follow the instructions to change my address online, but was unable to find anywhere to do it. There are good directions on how to log in, but after searching all over the site, I couldn’t find anything that says anything like ” account information,” or user profile, or whatever else, that you’d normally be able to click on, to edit personal settings.
    Then, I called customer service. After giving my card number and pin, I had to sit there and listen to my available balance, and my last 3 deposits. Then I was given 6 options to chooose from, none of them say anything about changing any type of account information. They also don’t say anything about speaking to a representative. Finally I chose option 3 which was the option to report my card lost, stolen, or damaged, and then was connected to somone. When I told her that there was no place on the site to change my address, she apologized, and said that I was correct, it could not be done from the site at all, and she offered to take my information, and she changed my address manually.
    This is supposed to be considered something like a regular debit card, with access to various information about your account, and how to use the card, but there really isn’t a lot on the site at all. I also don’t understand why it’s so difficult to get through to anyone by phone. They could just change the instructions, add the option of speaking to someone.
    People have been having these exact same issues since the card, and the site were first launched. Considering how hard it is to actually speak to a person, it makes sense why the problems haven’t been addressed.

    • YOU are right, I had exactly the same experience.What a generic website and auto phone assistance. So, yesterday, I opened a checking account with another bank. Monday I will call sea and have my deposits sent there. Problem solved.

      <—- waving bye to direct Express.

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