Direct Express Free ATMs

The Direct Express Debit MasterCard can be used to make purchases, get cash back and pay bills. The card is also accepted at millions of locations where debit MasterCards are accepted. Another great feature about the card is that you can use it to get Cash at ATMS worldwide, wherever the MasterCard acceptance mark is displayed (click here to find an MasterCard ATM). But using the Direct Express Card at certain ATM locations can result in fees. You will always be given the option to cancel the transaction to avoid the fee. You should therefore always read instructions on ATMs very carefully before you complete a transaction to make sure you understand all the charges. If you don’t want to pay any fees for using your Direct Express Debit MasterCard, then you have to use the “No Fee” ATMs shown below:

Direct Express Free ATMs

To avoid paying fees when you use your card, you need to look for ATMs that are owned by the bank or network brand mark identified in the image below.

"Direct Express Free ATMs"

Direct Express Free ATMs

Click here to locate the Nearest Comerica Bank No Fee ATMs

Click here to locate the Nearest Charter One No Fee ATMs

Click here to locate the Nearest Privilege Status No Fee ATMs

Click here to locate the Nearest Alliance One No Fee ATMs

Click here to locate the Nearest PNC Bank No Fee ATMs

Click here to locate the Nearest MasterCard ATM Alliance No Fee ATMs

Click here to locate the Nearest MoneyPass No Fee ATMs

Another option for getting cash on your Direct Express Card (outside of Direct Express Free ATMs) without paying any fees or surcharges is by obtaining cash is at a retailer location. Many retailers will provide cash back with your purchase at the point-of-sale terminal. Ask your retailer if they provide this service as a convenient way to obtain cash. Most grocery stores and pharmacies provide this service.

To learn more about other fees associated with using the Direct Express Card, see our article on the topic.



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