Direct Express Debit Card Complaints

We have been writing about the Direct Express card since 2013 and during this time, we have heard Direct Express Debit Card Complaints from our readers. Here are the top three complaints we usually hear and what to do about it:

"Direct Express Debit Card Complaints"

Top 3 Direct Express Debit Card Complaints

Hard to Reach Customer Service

We have written about how to reach Direct Express Customer Service and how to speak to a live person. If you read the comments section of the post, especially the Facebook comments below the article, you will find that card holders are having a hard time getting help from customer service. Not only is it hard to get someone on the phone but even when you do, they are sometimes not helpful, which increases the frustration of our readers. If you want tips on how to get your issues resolved, read our comments section on customer service. You will learn about tricks and tips other card holders have used to get their issues resolved

Frustrations with Card Replacement

Another issue that our readers have repeatedly complained about is the process for getting a card replacement. As you can imagine, when you lose your debit card, you want to get a replacement sent quickly so you are able to make purchases and pay for things you need to buy. We have an article on how to get your expired/lost or stolen card replaced here. However, what we have found is that it takes too long for people to get their replacement card and sometimes. Most people would like to be given a tracking number so they can track their card in the mail but that is often not the case.

How long it takes for Dispute Resolution

When you have a dispute about charges on your card, it’s very cumbersome to get that process. When you call customer service, you would expect that they will take down your information and what transactions you are trying to dispute, the circumstances of the issue – and then they will look into it. That’s not what happens with Direct Express dispute resolution. They will mail you a packet for you to complete, which you then have to mail or fax to them. That’s when things get lost and some customers have to refile the same complaints, hoping that Direct Express receives their complaint/dispute packet and investigates the issue promptly.

For more complaints about Direct Express, see Consumer Affairs’ list of complaints here.



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4 comments on “Direct Express Debit Card Complaints
  1. Debra L Henderson says:

    Hii This is Debra Henderson i have problem with cards i am on ssdi i went to the store to get some foods before blizzard and it declined i was very upset i have enough money in there.. but why it wont approved?? i tried online one item and not working.. yesterday i called direct express four times they keep disconnected and i called again this morning and same thing disconnected.. i need to know what s happen to card?? please let me know

  2. Jill Trausch says:

    I can’t access my direct express card. Why is that soical services say it looks good on theirs end.

  3. I want to login to my personal DE account

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